If We Were Having Coffee // It’s Going to be a Lonely Week

13 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // It’s Going to be a Lonely Week”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    If we were having coffee we’d be in stitches laughing over our fear of driving and saying: “you’ve got to be kidding!!” For me, it’s always felt like such a personal fear as most of my friends are cool with it. I am quite short-sighted and have night blindness and another similiarly short-sighted friend of mine has the same troubles so we sure bonded over that and I felt less freaky. Here’s a post I wrote about working to overcome my driving phobia a few years ago: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/driving-myself-crazy-day-trip-to-morpeth-australia-part-1/
    I’ve improved quite a lot since then.
    I hope you don’t feel too lonely this coming week. The blogosphere is full of people who’d love to keep you company. It’s not the same but it might help xx Rowena

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    1. So glad to hear other people share the same fear. I liked your post! I think my fear is pretty rational too. I’m just not good at operating a vehicle. I’m not good at judging the space between me and other objects for some reason and so I am either too close or too far away from where I should be. Also, cars are bombs on wheels.

      My lady seems to think my fear is just from lack of practice so I’m trying. I’m getting more confident everyday and I am enjoying the freedom of being able to go places whenever I want. Thanks for sharing, I feel a little bit better now :)

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      1. Practice has certainly helped me. I’m just like you with judging distance and I usually leave a metre around my car when I think I’m parked much closer. Sometimes, I get in and out of my car a few times moving it backwards and forwards and half the time, I ends up in almost the same spot. It does my head in and anybody who sees me must be laughing their heads off. As this could well be at the school, chances are, they know me too.


  2. Good luck with the driving.
    I used to drive in St.Louis and Denver enough to be comfortable with it. Now driving in a small down makes me nervous. Not sure when it started.
    When I moved to Florida is when it started.
    There is a lot of traffic no matter where you go. I don’t drive all that much and I got
    Out of practice.
    Sad thing is. I miss driving the back roads.
    We have so few here.
    Try not to worry too much this week while your girlfriend is away.
    Thanks again for my “TEA” and our wonderful visit.
    Hugs Sarah


    1. I am in Denver and I think part of my fear comes from the fact that we have such reckless drivers here. Just about everyone I know has been in an accident or two and that makes me so afraid. I wish I lived in a small town. I love quiet roads.

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          1. I use to be a really good city driver even if I hated it. Now I refuse to drive in a big city. Refuse. Danny can do it.
            Of course it helps that we don’t go anywhere.
            People are always in a hurry and always talking on their cell phones.
            Take it easy and you will do fine.
            Is your girlfriend home?
            ENJOY your weekend.


            1. She is on her way now!! :)

              My lady drives every where now but I think she is a little tired of it lol I imagine once I get more comfortable I will be the one driving everywhere for a very long time.

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