Growing Up and Kissing Girls

316 thoughts on “Growing Up and Kissing Girls”

  1. Excellent post! I had similar experiences and emotions growing up. I was raised in a home where I was taught that homosexuals burn in hell. So of course I was scared when I started liking girls. I stayed in the closet for years, even going so far as to marry a man and have children. Eventually I came out to my now ex husband and he’s been very supportive, as have my friends and most of my family.

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  2. I always wondered how it must feel for people to be called ‘queer’ and ‘different’ because of their sexual orientation. Yours is still a pretty nice situation; from where I hail, people are still fighting for their rights. I tried to write a story on this topic on my blog ( if you ever have time, please read it ), but after seeing this post, I’m sure that I didn’t do justice to it.
    Thanks for sharing. Loved it.


  3. This is brilliant, this was like reading what I went through as a teenager. I’ve just recently started blogging and want to Base my blogs around personal experience around love and the stigma around homosexuality. Please follow and i hope you enjoy

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