Growing Up and Kissing Girls

316 thoughts on “Growing Up and Kissing Girls”

  1. Having gone through a difficulty that I hid from those around me, I love reading about other people’s perseverance. Especially because my experience was not related to my sexual orientation it is completely eye opening to have read your piece. Congratulations on your happiness and best wishes for the future.


  2. Very well written. I have had the privilege of officiating at several LGBT weddings and have had a glimpse into the lives of some couples who have been together 10-30 years and have witnessed how private their love had to be for many years. Thank you for sharing your own personal journey. My only question is did you ever find out if the girl who asked you to kiss her in the locker room was gay? All the best!


  3. I cannot say that I have ever been through what you have. But, my daughter has liked girls but has been through 2 bad marriages to men. She is currently in a relationship with a female. I cannot say that I am unhappy for her because I want her to be happy but she needs to remember the daughters she has. Not the way you just took this. … She is spending less time with her girls than with her girlfriend. If she can’t have her girlfriend with her daughters then I see a problem. Her daughters should come first. And although 2 of 3 except her new friend that should not have an impact on the time spent with her girls. I love them all and I hope she finds her way to meld her girls with her girlfriend.!!!
    I applaud all that have it rough out there with family and work and friends on this issue. Good luck to you all! I love my children no matter what or who!


          1. I am glad you both got out and enjoyed yourself.
            Danny worked all weekend and I worked more than I should have but mentally I need it. Physically, My body protests no matter what I do so I might as well DO what I want to. My ankle is hurting but I am using it.
            We are off the next 2 days.
            I know Monday’s are rough for you….so try and have a good day. Hugs


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