The Week’s End // A Round-up of All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

7 thoughts on “The Week’s End // A Round-up of All Sorts of Interesting Stuff”

  1. I don’t often watch embedded videos in blogs but I watched all of the Donald Trump one because of the intriguing title. It’s a very interesting take and the Nerdwriter is obviously a very intelligent guy. I’m not sure I’m ultimately convinced by his analysis, though. I can’t help thinking that Donald Trump is a disaster for democracy and a disgrace as a human being. Just my two cents, though.

    You have an interesting blog here, by the way. I nearly forgot to mention that very important fact. Even in my comments, Donald Trump seems to hog all the coverage.


    1. I love Nerdwriter! I agree with your views on Trump. I liked the video because it puts some of the blame of Trump on the media, and all of us. His campaign should be nothing more than a joke but instead the evening news treats him like a serious candidate and we treat him like a reality TV sensation. The consequences might just be the wake up call we need. I don’t agree with everything in this video but it is thought provoking.

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      1. Well, they do say that in democracies electorates get the governments they deserve. All the same, I’m not sure any country deserves Donald Trump.

        As far as I can make out through the Internet, the media in all the major English-speaking nations does a pretty appalling job of keeping people informed — in part because gossip sells better and in part because they tend to be owned by massive corporations with agendas of their own. I suspect it’s the same in other countries too, but my language skills are not up to the job of finding out.

        It really is pretty appalling that among the groups most upset when Jon Stewart announced his retirement were those looking for a reliable news source! What on earth does that say about the state of the media?


        1. I think the US may just deserve him, only because we are so arrogant and willfully ignorant. We have no one to blame but ourselves for this joke of an election. I hope we learn our lesson before it comes to that though.

          P.S. I am among those who will miss Jon Stewart :(

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