Monday Motivation // New Day, New Thoughts, New Ideas

It’s Monday, and I know, nobody likes Mondays, but let’s try to look at them a little differently. We spend too much time dragging our feet and complaining about one day simply because it had the misfortune of being the first one in the work week. Why waste a whole day? Instead think of Mondays as a fresh start. A beginning to a new week and a new chance to start some new things.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

This week let’s work on coming up with some new thoughts. Try to find a new perspective on the ordinary things you do, and see, and say every day. Look at everything around you in a new light. Make a mental note of the people you see. Think about them and why they do what they do. Note the conversations you have and remember them later. Let them fuel your creativity.

Read something new. Find a new book or a new magazine, or maybe even a new blog. Listen to what people are saying and make yourself aware of the greater world around you. Think about what is good and what is bad and think about ways to express the joy and fix the problems you see. Learn something new and let your new thoughts wander.

This week let’s find new strength. Look at last week in a new light. Don’t dwell on where you failed, but do think about what you could have done differently. Think about what you were afraid to do and find the resolve to do it anyway. Think over the excuses you tell yourself and those around you and promise yourself you will not make the same ones. Find the strength deep within you to do what you thought you couldn’t.

Do this next week too, and every week after. Do this and every week you will find your mind full of new ideas and your fear decreased.

You will find you can do things you never knew you could.


6 Replies to “Monday Motivation // New Day, New Thoughts, New Ideas”

    1. Glad it was just what you needed. I am learning to love Mondays again but Tuesdays bore the crap out of me and Sundays nights can feel like a waste. Might have to write some motivational posts for those days too :)


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