If We Were Having Coffee // Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong

10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong”

  1. I enjoy having coffee with you. I’m glad that you have places to get the car serviced so quickly (and, it seems, somewhat affordably – around here, you might as well chuck it in and buy that new one on credit, sometimes). I’m glad that the “everything that could go wrong” didn’t come between you and your lady. :) I’m glad there’s some other tantalizingly good thing you’re saving – but promise not to wait TOO long to share it!

    Here’s hoping today’s preparations help to ensure a better week to come!


    1. Yes, we have mechanics that work with us and two shops that are close enough to walk to. Me and my girl were stressed but we’re pretty good at coming together and working as a team when we need to.

      I promise not to wait too long on sharing the other bit of good news :)

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  2. Oh gosh, that sounds like an exhausting week. Sorry to hear about the car—that can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Glad to hear that you go to see The Shining and attend the Q&A! I saw that event advertised and though it looked awesome, but it was so far away. Hope your upcoming week is a better one!


    1. Oh I loved the event! Next year I will buy a pass so I can catch more movies and meet more of the actors. I hope this week will be a better one too, I can’t take another like the last, whew!

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