Your Love is a Gift // Acrostic

Years have passed since that beautiful day
“Open your gift”, to me she did say
Underneath her breast, her ribs torn apart
Revealing a live and still beating heart

Large, and red, a sticky, bloody mess
Over time is what her gift became I confess
Vexed I once was, with it’s chambers and veins
Each beat, all the while, causing her pain

I wished to return this nasty, used up organ but
She could not see that it’s become quite the burden

All her sniveling and pleas could not change me!

“Go on then, go!” she screamed at my back
“I’ll get this back in!” her voice then did crack
For many years more she struggled to return
The gift she gave me but that I never did earn

Featured image: Dissection of the heart performed by medicine students of Monterrey Tech. In the photo, the entrance of the big atria can be observed by Kenshinb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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