Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Ray Bradbury

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Ray Bradbury”

    1. Exactly! We should live our lives the way we want without worrying what others will think. It’s easier said than done but with practice and awareness you can surround yourself with supportive and caring people instead of jerks.


  1. Now this is just the best quote ever! I love Ray Bradbury and this quote really gives us a great glimpse into his personality and writing style. He is still the best sci-fi author out there! Thanks, Lisa. BTW, we are in Colorado Springs! We made it. I can’t wait to be a Coloradan! Woo HOO! :D


    1. Yay! I’m glad you made to this beautiful state. Fall is in full swing and the scenery is lovely.

      I love Bradbury but I really need to read more of his work, after I read his how-to on writing that is.


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