Short and Sweet Reviews // The Shining

This is honestly my favorite horror movie. I think The Shining is what a horror movie ought to be. The plot is a simple one, a man and his family agree to care for a creepy old hotel during the off-season. Only the hotel turns out to have a mind of its own, and very different, and very violent, plans for everyone involved.

What sets The Shining apart is that it doesn’t rely on the gimmicks of current horror films. This isn’t a film that uses monsters jumping out or loud noises to scare you. Instead, Kubrick forces you into a feeling of impending doom throughout the entire film. The score is ominous and the events unfold agonizingly slow. You know some very bad, very disturbing, things are going to happen here.

Few films can accomplish this feat and of them I believe The Shining does it the best. Every time I watch it I am on the edge of my seat, no matter how many times I have seen it before. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out on a major piece of horror film history.

I can’t leave you without mentioning that this movie is based on a novel by Stephen King, but it differs in major aspects. In fact, King hated Kubrick’s telling of his story. I do recommend you read book as well. It’s different enough to be worth the read, and I would even argue, it’s a better telling of the story.


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