If We Were Having Coffee // Welcome New Followers!

10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Welcome New Followers!”

  1. I am impressed by how strong you are. You do not need to be shy and you are obviously not as shy as you think you are. If we were having coffe i will have made an applepie to show you how proud I am of you. You make the people who read your posts stronger and I will read whatever you will write and my opinion won’t be locked away from you. Wish you a nice week


    1. MMMMmmmm apple pie!

      You are right, I don’t think I’m as shy as I am in my own head. I am just nervous that what I have to say is either stupid or pointless. I really am working on it though! Comments like this help :)

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  2. Hey! I share the same sentiments! I’m a newbie here and find your post interesting and personal. If we were having coffee I will share my personal experience too. Like you I have a hard time going out back haha! 😊


  3. Hey, I’m one of your new followers! Don’t discount yourself by thinking new followers now aren’t truly earned. You got the attention because you’re a great writer, and you shouldn’t be shy about your blog at all! It’s honest and it’s you :) congratulations!


    1. That’s what my girlfriend said too lol

      I know you are right but it’s hard not feeling like things have been made easy for me for awhile. I’ll try to remember that I earned the Freshly Pressed posting in the first place and therefore, have earned whatever comes after. Thanks for the encouragement :)

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