Monday Motivation // Create a Better Present

Good morning and welcome to Monday. I know, no one is a fan of Mondays but lets try to look at them a little differently. Lets try not to waste a whole day of every week being miserable. Instead let’s be grateful. Instead let’s be mindful. Instead let’s think of today as another new beginning. Another chance to make the changes we need to get our lives going in the direction we want.

This week I want to get back to being mindful. Too often I have found that the day has flown by and I hardly remember any of it. It’s hard to keep present when I am doing the same-old-same-old day-in and day-out. My brain looses interest and I find myself on autopilot and my mood becomes boring and blah. I think this is because I get the feeling life is passing me by and I am hardly a part of it, but like all things Zen, if you cannot change it, you must change you attitude.

I had woken up in a bad mood, I didn’t sleep very well at all. I walked the dog and I hated it. I picked out my clothes and I hated it. I hated the day for beginning. I hated everything and I hated feeling that way. So I took a moment, and I changed my attitude. I changed it by recognizing my present. I slowed down and I appreciated everything I was doing. I noted the sweet smell of the soap I used. I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the strong flavors. I looked up at the sky on my way out the door and caught sight of the Little Dipper and the constellation Orion.

I did these things and my mood improved by the time I made it to work. Loking back now I feel like I was alive this morning. I was a person, living during this time, experiencing these things. I didn’t realize how much of my morning was spent either being angry or being a robot. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on. It almost sounds stupid to stop and note these little things but I promise you, it makes a big difference in how you view your day.

So, this week, lets resolve not to be a zombies. Let’s be present, intentional, and thoughtful in everything we do. Try to think about your most mundane activities in a new light. Think about why you do them and how it feels when you do. Think about the many other ways you could do things and try one out. Be aware of your emotions in the morning and what makes you feel the way you do. Think about what would make you feel better and try to do that too.

Don’t let the day start without you. Don’t let yourself sleepwalk through a new chance to live your life. Don’t let your day go by without having been aware of it. Do let it go by without being an active participant in it.

Be mindful, be present, be appreciative.

The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.

Eckhart Tolle


7 Replies to “Monday Motivation // Create a Better Present”

  1. Thanks so much for the reminder. This is something I’ve been working on for years now and it still takes effort, but it comes more naturally with practice. When I do this, I’m a much calmer, happier, connected me and things seem to flow more easily. Have a wonder-full week!


    1. Same here! Been working on it for awhile and while it’s getting easier it is something that requires much practice. I fear it always will but I kinda like that it may never be something I master, just something I only ever get a tiny bit better at. :)

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  2. Yes monday is obviously best day of week as its a new day…of every week…and comes with lot of energy ..after a restful ..sunday…we should enjoy the begning day….


    1. I wouldn’t say obviously, not to me anyway. It took a lot for me to start seeing Monday as anything but a miserable day. In fact I would start feeling down on Sunday nights, dreading the return to work. Then I realized I was just feeling that way because I thought I had to hate Mondays just like every one else. Now I see them in a new light, as the day for beginning. Mondays are for starting over :)

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      1. Yes… Its for starting over… Feeling miserable at Sunday night is just like…. Feeling darkness all around before new day light….. And once the light falls on us it’s a new day…


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