Monday Motivation // Create a Better Present

7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation // Create a Better Present”

  1. Thanks so much for the reminder. This is something I’ve been working on for years now and it still takes effort, but it comes more naturally with practice. When I do this, I’m a much calmer, happier, connected me and things seem to flow more easily. Have a wonder-full week!


    1. Same here! Been working on it for awhile and while it’s getting easier it is something that requires much practice. I fear it always will but I kinda like that it may never be something I master, just something I only ever get a tiny bit better at. :)

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  2. Yes monday is obviously best day of week as its a new day…of every week…and comes with lot of energy ..after a restful ..sunday…we should enjoy the begning day….


    1. I wouldn’t say obviously, not to me anyway. It took a lot for me to start seeing Monday as anything but a miserable day. In fact I would start feeling down on Sunday nights, dreading the return to work. Then I realized I was just feeling that way because I thought I had to hate Mondays just like every one else. Now I see them in a new light, as the day for beginning. Mondays are for starting over :)

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      1. Yes… Its for starting over… Feeling miserable at Sunday night is just like…. Feeling darkness all around before new day light….. And once the light falls on us it’s a new day…


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