Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Mark Twain

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Mark Twain”

  1. Wow! It’s a good thing that Mark Twain did not edit his own books because it seems to me that he had no editing skills––whatever he thought, he wrote. Ha, ha! I’ve learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone. That it doesn’t matter how good your book is there will always be people that don’t care for it. That’s how it is. But, there’s no reason for such hate that you’d like to exhume the author’s body and crush her skull with her own shin-bone. Yikes! No book is written for everyone. You know, if Mark Twain and Jane Austin were the same age and lived in the same era I’d swear they were lovers. I wonder what Jane-look-alike did him wrong.


  2. Interesting. This reminds me of a recent long thread on metafilter: http://www.metafilter.com/151267/Wheres-My-Cut-On-Unpaid-Emotional-Labor
    It seems to me that Jane Austin wrote about what a woman “of her station” was allowed to think about and do, and that she is writing about the surface and what she sees on a deeper level…. you say that the characters are “good” on the surface and “ugly” on the inside and you don’t like them. And that it is petty and too claustrophobic: think if you had been a woman in that time period. I think Jane Austin dealt with it in a creative way that still resonates.
    If the “social glue” and unpaid emotional labor that our culture expects women to do does not in fact matter, why does it still exist? For example, writing thank you letters for wedding presents. Is it the wife’s job? If the couple doesn’t do it, is it their mother’s fault on each side? Why the mother’s and not the father’s? Social pressure relating to how we “should” be and the conflict between how we are “inside” seems to me to be a topic that both Mark Twain and Jane Austin wrote about…..

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  3. Wow! This is interesting. So vicious. I had no idea. I guess there were no boundaries to this incivility. LOL. And that link to the other snipers was priceless. Makes me wonder just what was going on in all their lives. And how much of this had to do with professional jealousy. Like Kottaway above I think her writing had more to do with what was taking place at that time. So did his. You are what you write, right! Great post.


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