Straighten Up Your Heart

6 thoughts on “Straighten Up Your Heart”

  1. Such a nice way of thinking of it – straightening up our hearts. When I was going through a particularly difficult year at work (and in my personal life) a couple years ago, I used to wake up and have the goal of setting two or three intentions for the day – how I wanted to treat myself, treat others and the kind of person I wanted to be. I would even write acronyms on my hand to look down at throughout the day to remind myself to breathe or have compassion for myself and others. It was a lot of effort, but it helped me get through. Now, I don’t have to keep the acronyms on my hand, but I still put in the work to cast out those negative thoughts at the beginning of the day. Always a work in progress.

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  2. Lisa,
    Thank you for your sage advice. If only more people would just leave “… our homes with love for our fellow human beings instead of wanting to shut them all out…” is what I attempt to practice every day. I love all human, and non-human, life and it can be a chore to keep those positive thoughts in place on a regular basis. Life is precious, love is limitless, but starting one’s week with a less-than-positive thought sets the tone for how that week is either going progress or digress. Now, I said that I love everybody, equally and unequivocally, however there are those that I do not like. I can love someone and not like them for what they did/didn’t do, said/didn’t say, or whatever sets me off. I do not hate, or love the person any less, just the actions/inactions or relevant events that lead to the inevitable dislike for the person (or entities) actions.

    I practice, as best possible, what I would expect of others. I attempt to give everyone a chance to see a better aspect of me and hope that my actions/reactions empower others to follow a similar path. Although difficult, I do find that if a person has insulted me or generated a fair amount of negative energy, it’s much more difficult to snap back from that.

    One key note, and I do what I can to believe it wholeheartedly, is that no-one can make you feel anything you do not want to feel. If you want to be happy, then be happy no matter the circumstances and do not let the grumpiness of others weigh you down. It’s not easy, and I speak from personal experiences, but it can be done.

    Again, some good points and kind suggestions go a long way and it’s most appreciated when shared by more commonalities than less generalities.

    To Be Continued…

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  3. Thank you for this reminder! I am definitely one of those people who wants to be left alone on the bus and not talked to right away in the morning, and I can relate with being grumpy at the undeserving significant other. I do think it’s okay to want alone time while you prep for your work, but you’re right — if we just remember what we have and that everyone around us is a human being, we might not only have a better (Mon)day, but also just generally be happier people. Thanks again!


  4. Let me know how it is working out. Danny goes back to Early Field Duties this weekend and I am dreading it. I HATE Mornings. I seldom feel good. Even If I am in a good mood or at leat pretend to be…..Danny NEVER is.
    His mood often sets me off for the whole day.


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