Monday Motivation // Be Thankful

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation // Be Thankful”

  1. That’s so true. I checked and we are in the top 11% globally for income. That’s pretty darn good, especially considering my husband’s job is feast sometimes and famine other times. He is a union member and has been an electrician for about 20yrs. I haven’t been working the past six years and we still do fairly good. You’re right, we should be thankful. Not just for income, not even just for being employed, but even for having those basics. Food, a roof over our heads, heat and cold when it’s needed, refrigeration for our food. We have community when we work on it. We have family. We have love. Great blog! Happy Monday! :)


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you could relate to my message. Being in the top 11% is really good! I think I am only higher because the cost of living is so high here (Denver, CO). Still though we have so much simply because we were lucky enough to be born in a country that was a bit more developed than most. I’ll be doing a post on being grateful for community and love later this month too :)

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  2. I love your Monday Motivation Posts, but the problem is I don’t get the chance to read it until after I have already started my day (my grumpy day;), but at least my Tuesdays go great. You should send these out on Sunday or at least to me. Lol


    1. I’m glad you like them! It would probably help if I posted them early Monday morning, like I always plan to, but I am a procrastinator so I don’t get them up until the afternoon sometimes. Maybe if I ever get it together and write them on Sunday nights like I’m supposed to I’ll send them to you :)

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