Be Kind to One Another

7 thoughts on “Be Kind to One Another”

  1. Lisa–great post! I’m really glad for the reminder and have been feeling the same way. Was there a movie or animation in particular that sparked this?


  2. I really enjoyed this post. It feels like our highly competitive, fast paced world is encouraging cruelty. I think one of the first things we need to do is recognize the impact our environment has on us. When you have some time, check out Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment. Most people are only as “kind” as their environment allows them to be. Having said this, self awareness can play a huge role in how we treat each other. Every day I try to get closer to being the person I want to be — a kinder and more grateful human.


  3. It’s so easy to be kind to another–a smile, “thank you,” note in a purse or lunchbag–and yet it’s easier to be cruel. If the nightly news focused on the good stories out there from the beginning, not tucking them away as an afterthought personal story in the last 30-seconds, the world would see and be the kindness more. Diana


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