If We Were Having Coffee // Winter Storms, Movie Nights, and Thoughts of Paris

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Winter Storms, Movie Nights, and Thoughts of Paris”

  1. Two things:
    #1-The attacks. I, too, fear for hat’s to come…in the way of future attacks and future backlash. It is a horrible, sad, shortsighted cycle and I hate it all. After 9/11 I remember my dad saying that the best thing we could do would be to do nothing…not attack anyone back, not kill more innocent people, not give our power to those trying to take it. I was young and didn’t fully understand, but I do now. It’s all just so hard and so bad. And so love and light go out to this world of ours. We’re all in this together.

    #2-Bosses. Geez…I hear you. There was a period that the organization I worked for had six bosses in 3 years. It was hell. All I could do was keep doing my job, maintain the continuity of our programs, and maintain the trust of community despite the madness in upper management. It was rough, but it all fleshed out in the end and no matter what anyone else did, I could take pride in my own behavior and outcomes :-) Keep your head up.

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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    1. I would have to agree with your dad. He sounds like he was a wiser man than most. Unfortunately, we both know that nothing is the last thing world leaders are going to do.

      Wow! Six bosses in three years? I thought my situation was bad. I’ve have five in six years. I just try to keep my teams morale up and get the job done. It just sucks that each boss tries to make a name for themselves by squeezing just a little more productivity out of us. We are getting burned out! I hope this one will go easy on us :/

      Thank for the well wishes, I hope your week is lovely too :)

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  2. its beens really hot dry week, and always coming close but never quite raining, the weatherman used words like heat wave, dry spell and possible drought, its so hot really wanted to walk around naked, what a contrast hey.
    watched a movie called horrible bosses, hilarious stuffyou think your bosses bad lol



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