Short and Sweet Reviews // Starship Troopers

Ah Starship Troopers, a crazy movie about crazy  kids joining the military, and traveling across the galaxy to war with giant alien bugs. One of my favorite movies of all time!

Not a lot of people I know like the film. They think its mindless, clichéd, and over the top, and they are absolutely right. What they don’t get its supposed to be like that. Starship Troopers is pure and perfect satire and how people can’t see that I’ll never understand.

The only good bug is a dead bug.

The first clue was the fact that there is little mention of an opposing view to the brutality inflicted on this race of being who are obviously just defending their planet. Every member of the human race is happy with killing and torturing these beings. Everybody wants to help in the cause, every one wants to do their part. This my friends is Facism.

The second clue was the cheesy propaganda clips. Nobody could believe those were serious. It was clearly meant to parallel our own tendency to get real xenophobic given half a chance and to justify it under the umbrella of togetherness, duty, and safety.

Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future.

Add to that the Nazi inspired uniforms and you have yourself not only a lesson on the horrors of war and militarism, but a glimpse of what humans are capable of. Just replace bugs with “people that look different from me”, and the other planets with “countries that are not my own”, and it all starts to look very familiar.

To me Starship Troopers is a misunderstood masterpiece. I think everyone should see it but just remember when you do, it is all one big joke, and like all good jokes, it reveals something very serious about human nature.

They’re doing their part. Are you?

P.S.  I happen to have tickets to see this fine film tonight at The Alamo Drafthouse, lucky me :)


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