The Small Things I Am Thankful For

Obviously we are all thankful for family and friends. We are thankful for our jobs, our food, and our homes. We are thankful for clean water, freedom, and safety. Of course we are, but what about the little things? What small things make life better? Here are mine:

I am thankful for my dog, Lola. She’s stubborn and she drives me crazy but she is so freakin’ cute! When we first got her she got sick and we were afraid that she might have parvo. We were afraid we would lose her. She didn’t and she got better and now she is family. We love her so much and she loves us much more than we deserve.

I’m thankful for technology which puts so much information at my fingertips whenever I want or need it. I am especially thankful for the Khan Academy and YouTube channels such as Crash Course, In A Nutshell, and School of Life. I have learned so much from all of these sources and continue to everyday. What a time to be alive!

I am thankful for my favorite places to frequent, the Alamo Drafthouse theater and the Mexican restaurant around the corner. Whenever we need to get out, whenever we want to have a little fun we can always go to one or the other and we know we’ll have a great time. Whenever we want to have a night to be together and fall in love again, these are the places we go.

I am thankful all the Tarantino films, especially Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards, and Kill bill volumes I and II. Oh and Jackie Brown! Whenever I need a good laugh or am in the mood for gore and guts I turn on a Tarantino film. I look forward to seeing his newest film, The Hateful Eight, in January.

I am thankful for music from artists like Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, and Glass Animals. There are a lot of days I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for their music to help me through. When I need to get away but can’t escape the place I am in, usually work, I put in my headphones and I am whisked away. When I need motivation or encouragement, when my mind feels stuck the get me thinking. When I become emotional, the level me out.

I am thankful for wine, margaritas, bloody marys, and white russians. I know it sounds bad but at the end of the work day just one of these will mark the boundary between a stressful day and a relaxing evening. It marks the time that me and my lady come together to vent about our day. Having a drink is a way to slow the world down and be present.

I am thankful for my other pets too. My cat sophia who loves me but rarely shows it, and my snakes, Ava and Delilah, who give me something to care about and learn about. I am thankful for the pets I have lost, my dogs Samson and Angel, who I miss very much and who I am glad I got to know.

I am thankful for he many notebooks I carry around and my Pilot Precise V5 pens. I love writing about my day and writing about what I need to get done too. Everyday I write about five good things that have happened that day and I swear it has changed how I think. These items mean a lot to me and I carry them wherever I go.

Finally I am thankful for this little space on the internet and for every reader who stops by. I have been at this for a year and a half or so and it has become my favorite thing to do everyday. I write here as much as I can and I cherish every like and comment. Having a blog seems like such a silly thing and surely too small a thing to matter much but that is so far from the truth. This blog has changed me and made me see myself and the world around me differently. I hope I never lose my passion for it.

I am thankful for family, friends, and others around me, and I am thankful for the love I have in my life, but there are little comforts that make life such a beautiful place. I couldn’t end the day without thinking of them too.

What little things are you thankful for this year? What get you through the day or makes you feel happy or comfortable?



2 Replies to “The Small Things I Am Thankful For”

  1. one can never have enough of an excuse to have something tobe thankful about
    who invented the internet cause i am super thankful about, it fills the void between worlds people and countries


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