If We Were Having Coffee // Thanksgiving, Just the Two of Us

Hello friends and thank you for stopping by to drink some fancy coffee and chat with me. This past week was pretty good I suppose but there were a few moments here and there that were stressful or troublesome, it being the holidays and all. Honestly, I’m so glad it’s over. Not for any particular reason I’m just anxious to get through the holidays and winter. Another month (almost) down and we’re a little bit closer to spring.


If we were having coffee I’d start by telling you that for the first time ever I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with family. My mother had to work, my sister was with her in-laws, and my girlfriend’s family had plans to volunteer somewhere, so me and my lady were on our own. We were a pretty bummed not to be with family but we did the best we could. I think we did a good job on our own, considering it was our first time.

We planned and cooked our own dinner together, well, she cooked and I helped out here and there. We had ham, because I am not a big fan of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow and green squash, salad, and wine. For dessert we had baked pears with walnuts and honey and coconut ice cream, because were both a little lactose intolerant. I did clean up afterwards though.


Working for the school district means I’ve been off of work since last Wednesday. I love having this kind of time off but it is so hard to get back on schedule after these breaks. Five days of sleeping in and doing what I want all day makes it hard to go back to cold mornings and mind numbing boredom all day. Every time I come back from a break I find it hard to take my work seriously or feel like it means much of anything in the grand scheme of things. I hope my new boss will be patient with me.

I didn’t do a whole lot with my time off. Just blogged and caught up on a few to-do items. I did take the opportunity to get back to writing in my planner and journal, and I started learning more math on Khan Academy again. They had updated a lot of the grades I had finished so I went back in and completed them again by finishing up the new stuff.


The two days that I was at work were pretty easy going. I felt lazy since I only had to get through two days of work so I blew a lot off. Honestly, I’ve been blowing a lot off at work lately and I am starting to feel pretty bad about it. Work isn’t my favorite place and there are many things I’d rather be doing but I should be giving 100% in all that I do.

It isn’t fair to my team or to my boss that I only do the bare minimum, sometimes less. I used to try harder but I got burned out. People started to see me as the one who “gets stuff done” and they piled more work on me. Then I started to take over other people’s work when I felt it wasn’t being done right or efficient. When I decided I wanted to write I began to resent my job and got angry about all the work I now had to do. So, I just stopped.

I have to find a way to start again because for a while longer this is where I will be every day and I want to feel good about it again. I want to get back to giving 100% in all areas of my life, even the ones I’m not always so happy about.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that we have been having so much fun seeing a ton of movies at the Alamo Drafthouse. We’ve seen Gangs of New York, Mockingjay—Part 2, and Starship Troopers in the last two weeks or so. Coming up in the next few weeks I hope to see Pan’s Labyrinth, Elf, Little Women, A Christmas Story, and Star Wars.

It’s so cool to see old movies in the theater and on the big screen. I didn’t get to see these when they came out so it’s like getting a second chance to see these movies the way they were intended to be seen. Add to that the commentary the staff gives, the food and drink they sometimes pair with the film, and their custom previews for each film, and it’s always a great experience when we go there.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had better get a move on and get ready for the coming week. I have to clean, do laundry, and get some groceries, bleck! Sundays are so hard. It’s the weekend but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

I hope you had a wonderful week and I’d love it if you updated me on how you are in the comments. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Monday is coming up fast!


Featured image via Don LaVange



5 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee // Thanksgiving, Just the Two of Us”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the unattractivness of a dayjob once you become serious about writing. I had a similar experience with my old job, it gets easier, and balance will come, part of it is by saying no when people expect too much.
    Hope you have a great week. :)


  2. Hope that your upcoming week and getting back on schedule are kind to you. I remember the school schedule, how difficult it was to go back after a holiday. Speaking of the holiday, glad to hear that you and your lady had a good one, though sorry to hear that you weren’t able to be with your families.


  3. Good luck on the work front and perhaps you should look for something else if this job no longer lights your fire. However, that can be easier said than done and perhaps there’s someway of improving things where you are now. I had a similar experience and had a health setback and aside from 2 days, I haven’t been back. Then, the business closed and there was no return. I am hoping to sell some of my writing and at least make some income that way. I have used my writing for work for some time, which also helps bridge that work versus writing conundrum.
    Take care and thanks for coffee.
    xx Rowena


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