Short and Sweet Reviews // Eastern Promises

My name is Tatiana. My father died in the mines in my village, so he was already buried when he died. We were all buried there. Buried under the soil of Russia. That is why I left, to find a better life.

This film will surprise you and leave you wanting more, more, more! Eastern Promises is about a Russian teenager in London who dies giving birth to the child of the Russian mob boss who raped her. The midwife who delivered her child finds her journal which puts her and her family in danger as the mob seeks to destroy the evidence. It’s about a lot more than that too.

He is no driver, he is the undertaker.

The entire cast does an amazing job but the star by far is Viggo Mortensen who plays anti-hero Nikolai, a serious bad-ass who is trying to do good in a world of violence and death. Mortensen plays this part intensely and to perfection, and he looks pretty good doing it ;)

Eastern Promises is pretty graphic and bloody even from the very first scene. The violence isn’t pointless though. Throughout the film I felt my own body tensing and cringing from what I was seeing. The violence was graphic so that I could feel it.

I also have to mention the incredible fight scene that occurs in a Turkish Bathhouse. No stunt doubles were used and our hero fights in the most vulnerable state a person can, completely naked!

What shocked me more than the gore was the plight of women in this film. There are prostitutes and sex slaves, some as young as 14 we learn, rape, trafficking, and mention a young girl traded for bottles of brandy. It’s brutal.

Easter Promises is a film you’ll want to watch over and over again. Its about good and evil and being a little evil to be good. It’s about people from very different worlds colliding, and how scary that can be. It’s about the horrors that can be happening closer than you think. It’s a brilliant film and you must watch it.

I can’t become king if someone else already sits on the throne.







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