The Week’s End // All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!


The Racially Charged San Francisco Police Shooting You Don’t Know About But Should // Mother Jones

Warning: Graphic video.

This guy, surrounded by San Francisco Police Department officers, holding nothing but a knife, and clearly already injured, was deemed a threat and executed. I don’t understand why they shot him….Seems to me that batons would have subdued him easily.


Bisexualitease // Bound to be Lost and Delirious

I am greedy. I have trouble with commitment. I am confused. I am experimenting. I want attention. I have had bad experiences with men. This might just be a stepping stone to coming out as gay. I am going through a phase. I want to fuck everyone I see.

I never really thought about how life must be for bisexual people, particularly women. I am aware of the stereotypes, and the ongoing war between bisexual women and lesbians, I just never paid much attention, not until Tumblr anyway. I do imagine it must be hard to be assumed greedy, untrustworthy, and slutty just because you are attracted to both sexes. Maybe I should pay better attention.


Review: Erykah Badu’s phone-obsessed mixtape explores intimacy and connection // The Verge

There’s no pretension or delusions of grandeur about its 11 tracks, many of which live in a liminal space between covers, interpolations, and original compositions; they’re tossed-off and proud of it.

I cannot tell you how geeked I am about this. I am, and have for a long time been, a huge Erykah Badu fan. This is the most music she has released since 2010 and but “Caint Use My Phone” doesn’t come off as “old school”. It feels firmly planted in 2015 while still remaining full of soul. Christmas has come early. You can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music.



Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence // The Belle Jar

I am six. My babysitter’s son, who is five but a whole head taller than me, likes to show me his penis.

Every woman can recall little incidents like these in her life, ones where she was objectified and abused for the pleasure of men. Every women. (Found via Part-time Monster)


‘Star Wars’ Strikes Back: Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Movie of the Year // Rolling Stone

Han Solo and Princess Leia join with a new generation to bring the epic saga to 2015-


Just 12 days left guys! I’ve been staying away from rumors and speculation because I want to see this movie with a fresh perspective but this write up on the “behind the scenes stuff” is worth a read.



What Happened There? // Rarasaur

Life happened.

Scars, birthmarks, wrinkles, stories of our lives told on our skin. I love every one of mine.


The Life and Times of Strider Wolf // The Boston Globe

He has traveled so far, from near-fatal abuse to here, invisible among Maine’s poorest, in the care of grandparents who have little left to give but love — and just enough of that. Yet somehow Strider is climbing. How high? How far?

Incredible story! So heartbreaking and full of hope that I bawled while reading it.



Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day // Butterfly mind

You’re an awesome blogger, right? You never run out of ideas, you work your full time job, exercise daily, manage your household, and still publish regularly on your blog. You post exciting content every day and can sustain your level of blogging forever and ever, amiright?

Yeah. Me neither.

Great tip for posting daily. I don’t always post daily the way I’d like to but not because I don’t have ideas but mainly because I “don’t have time”. If I’m honest with myself I do have time, I just have to adjust what kind of posts I will write. On the days I “don’t have time” I’m going to try writing smaller posts from my own store of prompts.


Are You An Anthropocentrist? // Laura Grace Weldon

When I was growing up we were taught humans were at the top of every chart, far superior to all other living beings.

I’ve long said that humans aren’t exactly the best evolution has to offer. There are many was that other animals can be judged superior but what if we stopped thinking about which was “the best” and started viewing the entire animal kingdom, including humans, as interconnected, with no one species at the top?


Fast-Forward Girls 2015 // GoldieBlox

In 2015, these ten women in politics, entertainment, sport, and STEM are the leading ladies that we all hope to grow up to be, proving that anything – and we mean anything – is possible.

Each superstar is played by a mini-superstar in the making, including Sophia Grace, Heaven King, Jillian from EvanTube, Sam Gordon, RadioJH Audrey, Annie & Hayley from Bratayley, and Flippin’ Katie.

And now for a little pick me up :)


And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? If so, share with the class by leaving a link in the comments :)


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