A Few Words on the Daniel Holtzclaw Case and Verdict

4 thoughts on “A Few Words on the Daniel Holtzclaw Case and Verdict”

  1. Totally sick, using his position of authority to prey on those most vulnerable. I hope the bravery and strength of his victims to get the conviction against the odds is a sign that the tide is turning against the culture of rape in our country.


    1. My heart really goes out to these ladies and I hope he gets the maximum penalty under the law. I think the tide is changing, just agonizingly slowly. I see more victims speaking out and I see more support from the community too. The justice system is still lagging though.


  2. That is truly despicable. It’s one thing to take advantage of your authority to get away with things you normally wouldn’t, but to prey on women who are already stigmatized against as well with the belief that no one will believe them because of their circumstances, that is a whole new level.

    This is another example of how some people still believe that rape/assault in the sex industry is a natural occurrence and something that these women are “asking for” because of their profession.


    1. Oh I totally agree. This guy was supposed to be protecting this community and instead he was preying on it. Then he had the audacity to cry and whine when the punishment was dealt out. Sickening!

      It boggles my mind why people cannot wrap their heads around the concept of consent. Sex workers still have a right to decide which sex acts they will or will not engage in, rape sound not be a consequence of any previous action. How hard is that to grasp??

      I do think that things are slowly changing. People are much more aware of rape culture and it’s consequences and women are fed up. I hope it continues.


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