If We Were Having Coffee // Star Wars is Coming and I’m Still Not Smoking

9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Star Wars is Coming and I’m Still Not Smoking”

  1. Sounds like good things are happening! Congrats on being smoke free for this long. I found that the first month was the most difficult, and after that it wasn’t nearly as hard. I do still sometimes want a cigarette when I’ve had a rough day or if I’ve gotten bad news, but the urge goes away pretty quickly.

    We’re going to see Star Wars this weekend, too, and I’m really excited.

    Also, I like that /now page idea—it’s a really neat one!

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    1. Thanks! My cravings are getting better and better but it’s hardest on days my boss is breathing down my neck. A smoke break was a good way to get away from him, I miss that. I look forward to my one month mark which will fall on Christmas day.

      I hope Star Wars will be as awesome as I hope it will be. I’ll check in with you and see what you thought of it :)

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  2. you’re such an inspiration, congrats on everything you’ve done this past week, especially keeping smoke free throughout all the stress of the pre-holiday season :3 i’m so hyped for star wars too, although i’m seeing it for my birthday, 10 days after the release date…


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