Guard Your Thoughts

11 thoughts on “Guard Your Thoughts”

  1. Boycott
    “Star Wars”
    Violence is NOT entertainment
    Cowboys and Indians, the shoot-out at the OK Corral,
    the US Cavalry and the US Marines as
    brings you
    “Shooting Up YOUR Neighborhood”


    Right up your alley

    Stop ALL Wars

    Start with killing

    “Star Wars”

    (Any chance of “Peace” in space?)
    Teach your kids to say “NO” to the American culture of violence

    The above is a “poster” in various large fonts, Just an “opinion”, not a Command. Below is my song “Satisfied” (Much more positive)

    I had my porridge this morning
    Grateful for the helping
    And I guess I was satisfied.

    I don’t need “can’t get no satisfaction”
    I don’t need “still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for”
    Cause I’ve got gratitude and I’m satisfied.

    I had a salad for supper last night
    Grateful that I’m eating right,
    And I guess, I guess, I’m satisfied.

    Bright chords, C, F, G progression. Simple, plain satisfied.

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  2. Yeah, I agree. I feel like that if you wake up in the wrong state of mind, that can sometimes ruin your whole day. Even if nothing bad is going on and nobody is really doing anything to upset you.


    1. I wake up in the wrong state of mind most days simply because I’d rather stay in bed lol. After that everything is a hassle and makes me absolutely miserable. I like to stop and really try to pin point what the problem is, when I can’t come up with anything besides “I wish I was still sleeping” being angry feels kind of silly.


      1. Yeah, same here. But with me, I know what the problem is and I know staying in bed won’t fix the problem or change what’s happened. So I get up, accepting what I can’t change and try my best to move forward.


        1. Funny, my comments are getting moderated off news sites, like I’m some kind of weirdo (maybe?) Not free to critciize Star Wars on Bell/Media property (sites). Bell/Media being a major promoter, of course. Probably Disney shareholders, possibly Subway’s “Doctor’s Assocites” into shares and promo. How much “acclaim” for Star Wars from financial backers?


  3. I had a day like this last week- I let my thoughts get away from me as you said and my whole day was gone- I let one bad meeting at work ruin my day, make me think I hated my job, it’s like a snowball effect… this is a great reminder to have on a monday, thank you!


    1. Yes exactly! A snowball effect! Something goes wrong and we just can’t let it go and after that everything we have to do makes us more miserable and all our negative thoughts are reinforced. It’s a terrible waste of a day.

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