That Other Couple

19 thoughts on “That Other Couple”

  1. Brilliant! :) Love this :) And I wish you all the best – may the other couple slowly learn from you, hopefully shout less and appreciate more, and maybe you can learn something from the other couple (hopefully not the shouting and screaming part, but maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere.. – let me know!).


    1. I think that other couple is slowly learning from us but I think they will never go away completely. They have taught us a lot too though. They have taught us that neither of us is perfect. They have shown us some ugly parts of ourselves. Most importantly they have taught us what forgiveness, understanding, and unconditional love really mean :)

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    1. Sometimes I’m more upset about the “being taken over by a stranger” part than about whatever started the argument in the first place. It’s frustrating to realize you acted in a way you never wanted to and that is not at all constructive. It’s frustrating that it keeps happening too. Luckily we never fight for long and we always apologize.


  2. Sometimes I do feel like a whole other person when I’m upset or angry. I guess I’d never really thought that other people shared that sentiment, but of course it makes sense. :)


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