That Other Couple

It’s a shocking thing when you realize there is another couple in your home. A couple you didn’t invite. A couple you don’t really like. A couple that barely seems a couple because all they do is fight. Our other couple showed up long ago when we decided to move in together. They’ve made us miserable ever since. They look like us but they are nothing like us.

We are in love. We respect and care for each other. We listen when the other needs to talk and we never hold a grudge. We don’t interrupt or say mean things. We don’t hurt the other because we feel hurt. We see the good in one another and love each other no matter what. We like to share secrets. You can often find us cuddling on the couch and watching romantic movies. We tell each other about our days and we comfort each other when the day was bad. We laugh and play together, the way we did when we were teenagers. We can’t get enough of each other.

We would never act the way that other couple does!

This other couple, they act like they hate each other. There is no communication and they fight constantly! I roll my eyes at the petty things that set off their screaming matches. My girlfriend shakes her head as yet another event from the past is dragged into the present. I sigh when two hours into the argument one of them takes things too far and says something hurtful, something mean. The crying starts then. They always make up, in the end, each sobbing and begging the other to forgive, but the problem isn’t always resolved.

We look at each other, silently hoping this is the last time we have to deal with the disruption.

And things will be quiet for a while. My girlfriend and I get back to our quiet bliss, back to loving and being loved. We can’t shake that other couple though and below the surface we are both on edge waiting for that other couple to start the yelling again. We have tried to get them out but they never really leave. We’ve tried talking to them, we’ve tried teaching them, we’ve tried ignoring them, but none of that works either. So now we try to live with them and accept that they are probably with us forever.

I can’t help feeling sad for them. They waste so much time hurting and shutting out one another instead of loving and enjoying each other. I wish they could be more like us, the way we are now. I wish there was a way to get through to them so they never had to fight again.

But as soon as things have calmed down, as soon as we think that other nasty couple has finally gone away for good, the yelling begins again….


Inspired by the Daily Post prompt: Unexpected Guests

Featured image via Unsplash


19 Replies to “That Other Couple”

  1. Brilliant! :) Love this :) And I wish you all the best – may the other couple slowly learn from you, hopefully shout less and appreciate more, and maybe you can learn something from the other couple (hopefully not the shouting and screaming part, but maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere.. – let me know!).


    1. I think that other couple is slowly learning from us but I think they will never go away completely. They have taught us a lot too though. They have taught us that neither of us is perfect. They have shown us some ugly parts of ourselves. Most importantly they have taught us what forgiveness, understanding, and unconditional love really mean :)

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    1. Sometimes I’m more upset about the “being taken over by a stranger” part than about whatever started the argument in the first place. It’s frustrating to realize you acted in a way you never wanted to and that is not at all constructive. It’s frustrating that it keeps happening too. Luckily we never fight for long and we always apologize.


  2. Sometimes I do feel like a whole other person when I’m upset or angry. I guess I’d never really thought that other people shared that sentiment, but of course it makes sense. :)


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