Short and Sweet Reviews // Star Wars: The Force Awakens

5 thoughts on “Short and Sweet Reviews // Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

  1. Just remember: Violence is NOT entertainment. Shooting up the neighborhood, and running down pedestrians is behavior TAUGHT by endless exposure to “action movies” with guns and explosions; just “a lot of fun,” with more and more Americans ready to produce and star in their own extravagant killing sprees.


    1. People like stories about human feelings, hopes, and dreams. Violence is a very human thing, and we reflect that in the stories we tell. Not because it’s entertaining but because it is our reality. The violence also doesn’t stand on it’s own, it is wrapped up in our natural desire to express ourselves and our wishes for heroism, revenge, and the realization of all our wildest dreams coming true. Human stories are entertaining, and those stories contain all the good and bad that is inside of us. And sometimes they really can be fun too :)


  2. A written resignation from a bad telemarketing job: “Thank you for letting me see the Dark Path once again. I now know when to jump off.” Seeing conflict as a duality is not useful, most of life has many nuances, but movies choose stark contrast to set up easy character definitions of white hat, black hat, and cowboys and Indians (which is no longer done, is it?) It’s all DRAMA, which is not real life – unless you are a wacko that wants attention.


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