The Wisdom of Rest and Relaxation

One thought on “The Wisdom of Rest and Relaxation”

  1. Lucky for me, old enough not to be working. Meditating on a slow morning today, thinking that September to December is a “spiritual period” for me, and so is March/April. (Sort of Christmas/Easter periods,) I have, however, left a lot of my Christian roots behind, studied Buddhism in the nineties, became a Boddhisattva devotee, and journeyed forward. But my seasons of the spirit make me frustrated at the materialism AND the dogmatic “redeemer” claimed to be a solution that in my opinion is no longer a workable premise. It looks obvious that people aren’t being “saved” and Nirvana is just a rock group associated with suicide. Reading up on Quakers places me squarely with “peculiar” people, Proposing spiritual growth in 2016 above 3%, just my way of moving from economics into some measurements, how much ego-deflation? How much compassion? No measures of these ever mentioned in mainstream media, as if the material world defines ALL reality. I know different, and I get angry about the locked out facts of spiritual life the “people of the world” want to deny. You can preach godless theories, but sooner or later, spirit will call you.


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