If We Were Having Coffee // It’s Been a Happy New Year….So Far

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // It’s Been a Happy New Year….So Far”

  1. Sounds like you two had a good new year! We had a good night out, but I’m glad that we spent the weekend here at home, recovering. :)

    Good luck with the work week. I remember that dreaded feeling of going back after a long vacation. <3


  2. I had to smile when ou stated it didn’t hurt to stay offline for a day. When I was a child radio was new and if the neighbourhood had one you were lucky to hear it. The only time you use a phone was when there was a death or birth in the family. Most lines served 10 household. Someone on the always lesson to all calls not just for their ring.
    Happy New Year


  3. I’m a generation after Bettylouise, but I agree, I had to smile. When we were kids, we didn’t call our friends to play, we just went to their door and asked them over. When I went away to college, I remember only getting to phone home once a week because long distance was so expensive! So different now. I do love my smartphone and computer, but I’m just as content to while away the day reading a book instead of online. Must be all that early training. Your New Year’s sounds very nice to me–Mr. M and I spent a quiet evening exactly like yours!


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