Short and Sweet Reviews // Making a Murderer

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet Reviews // Making a Murderer”

  1. Having been a cop, and a corrections officer, I watched this entire show as soon as I heard about it. I also formed many opinions from both sides. Overall, I have to say (with a disclaimer of it being a show & for media intent), where’s the blood & DNA? Sorry, but IF those 2 men brutally raped her, tied & chained her to the bed, slashed her throat (in the bed), then that room would be covered in blood, hairs, fibers, DNA…where are the ropes & chains? They too would be covered in visible & invisible DNA. The one thing we should be able to say for sure is that no rape or murder took place on that bed & um that is what they were both convicted of. So, regardless of the IF he killed her, he is wrongly convicted of it (there & in that manner). Which now begs, the question of without the actual crime scene, how do we have evidence & where did it come from. There are countless other questions after that but that’s the main one for me anyway.

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    1. Thank you! The lack of blood is what convinced me. There is no way he could clean all of that blood up, especially not in that garage and definitely not in the cracks of the concrete. I can’t believe he couldn’t get another trial based of off that fact alone!

      Thanks for reading :)


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