Remembering the Real Martin Luther King

13 thoughts on “Remembering the Real Martin Luther King”

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  2. Thank you, sister! I’m an old white dude, but I saw all the ’60’s, I saw people die, I saw Martin Luther King’s “assassination/silencing” But I knew, then, that HE would not be silenced, that others would continue “the fight for rights.” “We have guided missiles and mis-guided men.” A quote of his etched on my brain. It was never just about race in America or Gandhi’s British India. It’s about respect. Not respect for people who were abused and depersonalized years ago, but that person in front of you today, or the 60 million refugees (much more than the population of Canada), or the down-trodden and disrespected at any level. These human beings we are on this earth, need to be respectful, which is so difficult for our egos to grasp. The heart fills with darkness in witnessing hatred in the world today, but I believe, I DO have a dream…

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    1. I agree, simple respect is much needed in this world today. We fancy ourselves so much better than other people going through more than we could ever endure. We convince ourselves that our petty differences give us a valid excuse to treat others like crap. It seriously hurts my soul to see people act this way, still. I know MLK would be hurt too.

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Thank you for this. I am sitting here reading the comments on a different site over a quasi-celebrity calling for Black History Month to end and the reasons why it is still needed…but the one main reason hasn’t been mentioned yet: the white-washing of history. Rumor is I shouldn’t be worried since I am a white female and this doesn’t apply to me, but it does because what lesson are we learning and teaching if we aren’t brutally honest? Change will never be achieved or real without forcing some realizations first. Humanity first, no matter what.

    You totally nailed it here.


    1. Thank you so much! You are right, that is exactly why we need Black History Month, because, sadly, we need a reminder to spend some time learning about America’s true history. Where we are today is a direct result of where we were and rewriting history doesn’t help anything, it only sets us back and keeps us ignorant.

      Thanks for reading :)

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