Currently // January

Updating my monthly budget. It’s tax time and that means looking over our finances, figuring out what we want to do, and what we ought to cut.

Writing poetry about sober thoughts and gloomy moods….in a good way :)

Making set of my own Oblique Strategies out of a deck of all black playing cards I had lying around. I’ll make sure to post picks when they are done :)

Feeling pretty proud of myself. Even though I didn’t complete all of my goals for the month I did end it feeling more productive than I have in a long time.

Needing things at work to calm down a little bit. We are a little short handed and that is causing a lot of freak outs and a lot of short tempers. I need everyone there to take a chill pill, or to take their negativity away from me.

Watching the Showtime app on Roku. We enjoyed the weekend trial we got with Hulu Plus and remembered how much we missed the show Shameless so, we signed up.

Reading the Prince and Other Writings by Machiavelli. I’m going to be soon though, hopefully this week if I stay focused.

Planning to start up a bullet journal. I’ve been using the calendar on my phone and a to-do app so I need a planner less and less, but I will never be able to give up the feel of manually writing down what is in my head. I think a bullet journal is will work nicely.

Loving my beautiful, smart, kind, and accomplished girlfriend. I’ve been worrying about her and how much she works but I am also in awe of her. I could never handle so much stress and I would surely buckle under the kind of pressure she faces everyday.

Hating this Godforsaken season! There are just under 50 days left until the first day of Spring and I cannot wait!

Hoping we get as much snow as the news is saying is possible and school closes for a day or two. I could really use the time off :)


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