If We Were Having Coffee // Goodbye January

Hello dear reader! I am so happy you could join me for coffee today. I’m sorry I am late but I’ve had so much cleaning to do this morning to prepare for my family to come visit. The house was a mess since we are only ever in it long enough to make a mess and never enough to keep it clean. It took me all day and still it doesn’t feel good enough. We’ll have to chat while I work, I’ll do my best to multitask.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that the weather this past week was amazing. We got into the 60s and for Coloradans, that is shorts and barbecue weather. The spring-like temps had me feeling much more cheered than usual and my energy levels we high. Unfortunately, this week we are looking at highs in the 30s again and starting tonight we will be under a Winter Storm Warning until Tuesday, bleck!

I am really hoping for a snow day this week. It’s rare for the school district I work for to call one but we’ve had two already this winter. I blame climate change. The news says we might get somewhere between 6 and 12 inches and I really don’t want to be on a moving vehicle with middle schoolers in those conditions. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am so proud of myself, I wasn’t late to work at all this past week. I was able to get up on time and get ready without rushing around and forgetting anything. I guess I have just been feeling more motivated lately.

I am choosing to believe this is all because of the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge I was doing. Even though I wasn’t able to finish it, it really got me thinking about my daily routines and how I can improve, particularly the one about morning rituals. Now, when the alarm goes off I immediately start thinking about the one thing I would like to get done that day, the one thing that will make that a good day. When I do that I feel excited to get up and get going so I can accomplish my goal.

I have also started using Todoist, a pretty awesome to-do app. I make time in the morning to go over the list and see what my day is going to look like. I like marking things as done and feeling all productive.


If we were having coffee I would also tell you that I am right on track this to accomplish my reading goal of 30 books for the year.  I read 2 and a half books this month, Persuasion, The Souls of Black Folk, and I’m working on The Prince and Other Writings. I failed my challenge miserably last year so I have to do better this year!

Oh! And guess what? I got to add a book to Goodreads! Last summer I picked up a few old novelettes. I bought them because they looked like they were either really good reads or really shitty ones and, either way, I figure this will be interesting. I went to add them to my to-read list and one of them wasn’t on there, Jule: Alabama Boy in Harlem by George Wylie Henderson. I was fun to research information about the book and to add it. I was all proud of myself.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am so happy to say goodbye to January. This year didn’t start out as well as I had hoped and I look forward to starting again in February. It’s not that January was a complete disaster it’s just that I didn’t get to start off the way I wanted and I am just a little pissy about that. I’m mad that things got put on holds hen I got sick and I took so long recovering that I could catch back up. I have decided to wipe the slate clean and begin again February 1st.

Next month I am doing some posts on love and relationship advice for Valentine’s Day, and some posts on important events in black history. I’m going to write a few poems for fēlan Magazine’s Melancholy issue and I’m making my own deck of Oblique Strategies, and idea I shamelessly stole from Austin Kleon. It’s a short month so I’ll keep the goals list short too. I need to give myself goals I am sure I can complete, I need time to build my confidence back up again.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I may have to cut our visit short. My sister is here with the little ones and we are going out to eat.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, please let me know how you are in the comments, I’d love to hear from you :)


Featured image via Barn Images


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