If We Were Having Coffee // Snow Days and the Super Bowl

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Snow Days and the Super Bowl”

  1. You feel about the Denver Broncos like feel about Boise State. Our TV is turned off and later I may seek a peek at the scare. But Baseball will be starting next month.Early on I learn not to talk religion or politics and later I added animals’ abuse. Those will only cause trouble. Yes,the world has chance in my lifetime many times and still changing. The Bengal breed was accepted into CFA and that is important milestone for me.


  2. I hope those Sunday blues go away and that the coming week is a good one with some sunshine. :)

    This election cycle is more than a little scary. There are a lot of things going on that highlight major problems along class, gender, and racial divides that still exist.


  3. I’m with you there. I know I need to make myself more aware of all of the issues with this year’s election because I know I want to vote, but none of the candidates excite me right now. So I’m definitely going to do some research, see what each of the people running see as important issues to address and just try my best to make a good decision.

    But I also agree with you on the Super Bowl too. Not really a fan of the Broncos or Panthers because I’m not from either state (though I live in SC so a lot of people here are for the Panthers, but my family isn’t from SC so it doesn’t concern me quite as much. That and football doesn’t interest me all too much.)


  4. Neither my husband or I are into football, but we DVR’d the game so we can skip through the game and watch the commercials.
    I hope your winter blues fade away soon. I was like that a few weeks ago. Not being able to do much outside and freezing every time I did gave me some cabin fever. But we went to the big mall for a few hours and it went away.
    I’m also a big fan of Jane Austen, my 2 favorites of hers being Pride and Prejudice and Emma. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Emma! It’s one book that I love to re-read every so often. :)


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