The Week’s End // All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!


Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory // The New York Times

“Until now, we scientists have only seen warped space-time when it’s calm,” Dr. Thorne said in an email. “It’s as though we had only seen the ocean’s surface on a calm day but had never seen it rolled in a storm, with crashing waves.”

If you hadn’t heard, something pretty amazing happened in science this past week. For the first time ever gravitational waves were detected, heard and recorded! Scientists have been working a long time on this and I believe it is the beginning of some very big discoveries to come.

Bonus: An explanation of what gravitational waves are.


New Morbid Terminology: Phossy Jaw, the Occupational Disease of Matchstick Makers // Bones Don’t Lie

There are a range of diseases, traumas and skeletal markers that can occur regularly with certain types of occupations.

More science! I never really considered how many ailments might arise specifically because of the work you do to make a living. I knew about black lung, a disease that coal miners often suffer from, but nothing like “phossy jaw”, or “tailors notch”. Very interesting.


The Black Panthers Vanguard of the Revolution // PBS

In the turbulent 1960s, change was coming to America and the fault lines could no longer be ignored — cities were burning, Vietnam was exploding, and disputes raged over equality and civil rights. A new revolutionary culture was emerging and it sought to drastically transform the system. 

The Black Panthers have a historical reputation for being radical and promoting violence but there was so much more to the organization. Originally called The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, they sought to create a feeling community and to combat police brutality. PBS will be airing a documentary on February 16th to explore “its significance to the broader American culture, it’s cultural and political awakening for black people, and the painful lessons wrought when a movement derails”.


Check Out These Gorgeous Posters Promoting the Future of Space Travel // GOOD

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released a series of stylish, imaginative posters advertising fictional vacations in outer space. 

These posters are so beautiful! Each one urging us to take a trip through space to some very exotic destinations. I only wish they were real….




Yeezy Season 3 Was Like Dying and Going to Fuccboi Heaven // The Cut

When a fuccboi takes off his New Era snapback hat and settles into bed for a night’s rest, his thoughts go so many places.

I didn’t watch Kanye’s fashion collection/album début show because I knew it wasn’t for me, the clothes are not my style nor are they in my price range. Also, I am not a huge fan of Kanye’s ego, although I will admit to liking his music on occasion. But whether you watched it or not this description will give you an idea of who exactly these clothes are for, and a good chuckle.


Imagining Your Future Projects Is Holding You Back // Observer

Do you have a big creative project in store? Do you lie awake sometimes, thinking about what might go into it, what the characters or environment might look like, how it will touch the audience in a whole new way? Do you imagine what it will feel like to have this project under your belt, and what kind of effect it will have on your life?

Oh, am I guilty of this! I am constantly daydreaming about what it will be like when I finally become a real creative type and write a book and make art all day but I don’t actually work on my book or make art all day. Most of it is fear, I know that, and some of it is a lake of time, and another part of it is not knowing where to begin. I am working on it I promise!


Mental Illness Does Define Me. And? // Let’s Queer Things Up

How could something that I’ve grappled with for my entire life — something that has not only impacted and contextualized my experiences, but also helped to reveal the character and values that I embody — have no bearing on what defines me?

People try so hard to escape the parts of themselves society says are not ideal or normal but I believe this effort is in vain. If you have ever suffered from any sort of mental illness it is something that will be with you for your whole life. This doesn’t have to mean you are suffering, it only means that you embrace that you are defined by all of your experiences as a collective whole and because these things define you they are not inherently good or bad and certainly do not need to be gotten rid of or forgotten.


Eastern Philosophy – Kintsugi // School of Life

‘Kintsugi’ is the remarkable Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with elegance and grace – a tradition with a lot to teach us more generally about how to handle the broken bits of ourselves.

A thing that is broken can easily be repaired and made beautiful once again. The trick is not to hide the imperfections but instead to make them a part of the object, to emphasize and make noticeable the cracked and jagged bits, and allow them to be seen and appreciated. Do this and you will find the imperfect infinitely more pleasing than the false perfection.

This applies to people as well.


Boys play with dolls, and girls play with spaceships. Someone tell the toymakers. // Dr. Rebecca Haines

At the prestigious Toy of the Year Awards Friday evening, honors in two categories — the “Boy Toy of the Year” and the “Girl Toy of the Year” — will rely upon and reinforce the outdated gender stereotyping of toys.

For fucks sake people it is 2016, how can you still think that there is anything that is exclusively for boys and exclusively for girls. Da you really think that all girls want to play with dolls, play vacuums, and kitchen utensils, and nothing else? And all boys only want footballs, and nerf guns, nothing else, ever? Come on!


And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you think or feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments :)


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