Dressing for No Gender

8 thoughts on “Dressing for No Gender”

  1. “Wishing more people understood what it means to be genderqueer” – I think that’s the big problem. The majority of us do identify with one gender or another, and most with the gender that fits our parts. Since I was a kid people have grown to understand and accept sexual preference a lot more than they did. It’s still not there, but it’s happening. The same needs to happen with gender identities, people need to understand and accept it.

    All of that being said, the last time I bought jeans I decided to try both a size smaller, since I was thinner (31W, 32 L), and a slim cut, which I wore when I was a teen, instead of regular. Uhm, I think I found the pants you’re looking for – they were called “Mens”, but there was no room at all in them for the male anatomy. As I grumbled and tried on the 32X32 regulars I wondered who those pants were made for. I guess now I know ;)


  2. Great thought provoking post. I hate to say it but I don’t believe these wishes could come true completely in our lifetime. Yes, it’s through that the fight for equality and understanding is way ahead now but there will always be people who refuse to accept that YOU are not your private parts. And sadly, they are the ones who make the rules. I’m also tired of hearing that men are men and women are women because it’s like saying there’s black and there is white and that’s it… Which is not true because the world had always had all the colors of the rainbow.


  3. I wish the Creator didn’t have a gender, and then the Creator wouldn’t have a son, and so much gender politics could be dismissed with. I am firmly a male in body and mind, but I am a feminist, too, believing that patriarchal methods and ideals so often overwhelm common HUMAN feelings with “power issues” and male supremacy. I think some women long for a better way to be able to express THEIR power, without being labelled “Number Two.” Maybe “queer consciousness” is really a longing to get past gender stereotypes and like, maybe, be primarily a human being not identified with gender.


  4. Yes to genderless clothing! And, being vertically challenged here in the USA, every pair of pants is 8 inches too long… I get “women’s” socks — not just because they’re more fun and colorful than boring “men’s” socks, but because they fit my tiny rodent feet. :-)


    1. Nothing in this country is made for short people, I think they don’t want us to exist :/

      I buy “boys” socks because they fit and have superheroes on them :)


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