The Week’s End // All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!


Nelle Harper Lee // Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

I awoke in the predawn hours today to hear the news on TV…Harper Lee had died at the age of 89. That’s a good age.

I am ashamed to admit that I never did read Harper Lee‘s To Kill a Mockingbird. I was saddened to hear of her death yesterday…I have read and heard enough of the book to know that it is considered a classic and a must read. I plan to remedy my mistake as soon as possible and read both To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman and learn as much as I can about this amazing woman.


The Passing Of Justice Scalia: What Happens Now? // Fast Company

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at 79, leaving a vacancy in the high court as the country is in the process of choosing a new leader.

Conservatives loved him, liberals hated him, and some are glad to see him go. I myself am more interested in what happens now. Technically, it is Obama’s job to nominate replacements, but this is an election year, and republican’s are calling for him to wait in the hopes that one of their own will be the next POTUS and the next to nominate a Justice they can approve of.


The Four Ways My Depression Tries to Love You By Samantha Brynn // The Rising Phoenix Review

There are good days / when I want to disappear.
There are bad days / when I want to die.

Many of us will suffer from depression at some point in our lives and many of us will be in relationships when we do. It is hard to hold on to them when you can barely hold on to yourself and yet to lose them feel like the worst thing that can happen in a dark world where they are your only source of light.


#53- on Changing the World: Miki Agrawal // Radio Headspace

I talk to Miki about the importance of breaking taboos, and how talking about the things no one else is talking about can have a positive impact on the world.

From her website: “Miki is a dreamer and a doer….a force of nature”. She sounds like a very inspiring person and someone who is trying to do some good in the world. We could use more like her.


9 Ideas For What To Do With Empty Notebooks // The Private Life of a Girl

If you’re anything like me you have a stack of empty notebooks in a desk drawer just waiting to be used, which is wasteful and unimaginative.

I love notebooks. I mean I love, love, love notebooks! I carry at least three with me at all time, one journal, one planner/bullet journal, and a pocket notebook. I want more though and I want to use each one for its own beautiful purpose.

Notebooks are magic.


Collecting Words and Sentences // That Daily Post

Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I could use a notebook as a place to collect all the words and sentences that I love. I could make a bible of my own.


Dieter Rams // School of Life

The German designer Dieter Rams deserves our attention because he believed in products of everyday use that could be beautiful and long-lasting. He’s the ideal capitalist for our times.

I had never heard of Dieter Rams before but I can see what must be his influence in products all around me. I think we all could use a little of his method, not just in the design of appliances but in the design of everything. The design of our home, our work spaces, our clothing, our blogs. Everything.


Monster Monday: Lying Cat //  Part-Time Monster

Lying Cat might be my favorite. I want to be her friend, and I’m also terrified of her.

If you have not read Brian K. Vaughan’s epic graphic novel Saga you are seriously missing out! The story, the art, the characters, all amazing, but Lying Cat really stood out for me. She is something so different from any monster I have seen, or read, in anything else.


From the Underground: A Writer’s Life with Zines by Jeff Miller // QWF Writes

The endurance of this feisty corner of the wider world of writing is extremely gratifying. Long live zines.

I have only read a few zines but I do love the DIY attitude surrounding the community. I want to make my own in fact and I reject the idea that it is not an avenue for “real writers” to express themselves.


Dope // Netflix

Life changes for Malcolm, a geek who’s surviving life in a tough neighborhood, after a chance invitation to an underground party leads him and his friends into a Los Angeles adventure.

Being a geek and being black isn’t easy. I think this film illustrates the ways that geekdom and nerdiness in the black community is seen as a form of arrogance and a desire to be white. Times are changing but in some circles, it can still be hard. The film is also pretty funny :)

Check out the trailer below and here is an interview with the director, Rick Famuyiwa.


And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you think or feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments :)


2 Replies to “The Week’s End // All Sorts of Interesting Stuff”

  1. Thank you for linking to my post. I took a look at the other links and you have some very interesting things for me to read. I will do that as soon as I get a minute to catch my breath, probably late Saturday or early Sunday!


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