If We Were Having Coffee // I’m So Sorry I’m Late

11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // I’m So Sorry I’m Late”

  1. Nice that you had a short week and nothing drastic has happen to you. At times,I wished I has some of the new technology and than I think how much work it would take to get me at the same level. I changed my mine.


  2. Yay for new computers! Haha, I went through the same thing a couple months ago. My laptop was only maybe 3 years old and it was getting so bogged down. I had even done a complete wipe and it still ended up being really slow. So when we were out laptop shopping, Moose – ever the frugal one – had the brilliant idea of getting one of the display models. Still a new computer, but wa-a-a-ay cheaper. And it’s a touch screen, too! Also glad to hear your week wasn’t too hectic. That’s always nice :D


  3. I just started a new job today, so I too am looking at that work vs creative balance. I think working out of the house again will make me more productive in general – it certainly gets me out of bed a lot earlier – but now I do have to worry about finding time for things. Here’s to figuring that out!


    1. Congrats on starting a new job, I hope it’s one you are happy about. I think it’s the getting up earlier that is key. When I’m not at work I sleep in a little and lose the hours of the day when I am most motivated. I think I may have to start keeping the same schedule on the weekends too :/

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