Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Harper Lee

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Harper Lee”

  1. Passing away at 89 is a good long life, probably no reason to “regret”, but more to celebrate a life well-lived. Ah, yes, to live each day with a sense of moving forward, contributing to society, and just knowing one is so privileged to have the chance to put thoughts on record. That is a special thing. It is truly a gift.


  2. I understand. Several times in my life I’ve stopped reading to pick it again sometimes years later. The last time was your first reason, because i was writing a lot and you can’t write if you don’t read. To Kill a Mocking bird is one of my very favorite books. I plan on rereading it soon. I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to read it.

    Oh, slightly off topic, I started doing strength exercises with dumbbells because I am getting close to the age that people start to lose muscle mass if they don’t exercise. Funny thing is the better my body feels the sharper my mind feels. But then, the mind is part of the body, there is a holistic way of looking at it, they are all interrelated. And I do more and more mental exercises for much the same reason. So you aren’t the only one, though I’m a bit older than you.


  3. Lisa, I figure if we don’t read… how do we know how to write? We all learn from each other and I think that is a good thing. I have read both of Harper Lee’s books. I must say, the second one, Go Set a Watchman, is quite telling as to how life really was when she wrote that novel. Out of this work, came the acclaimed, To Kill a Mockingbird. Please read both so you get a feel for how her writing evolved and changed. I really enjoyed that aspect. Good for you! Keep reading and writing. You are inspiring! <3


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