If We Were Having Coffee // 100 Days Smoke-Free and Two Years of Blogging

Hello dear readers, thank you for stopping by to chit-chat with me today. This week has been a weird one, strange weather and weird tensions all around. My mood was all over the place and I found myself acting at times very unlike myself. I am choosing to chalk it all up to the very confusing time in the season. The days have been very spring like and I long to get outdoors and away from all my obligations and commitments.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that this week I will finally hit 100 days smoke-free. I swear it feels like it has been at least 3 times as long as that and every day I struggle to stick with it. I admit it, I miss being a smoker. The intense cravings have pretty much stopped but every so often I want to head back to the smoking area where we all used to hang out and smoke all afternoon, one cigarette after another.

It’s all the good weather we have been having that is bringing all of these urges back again. When it was cold and snowy I didn’t want to go outside at all and it helped keep me from slipping up and smoking. Now the weather is beautiful and not only am I missing the smoking area at work but also the beer and cigarette I used to have on my own deck in the evenings and I am dreading the patios of the bars me and my friends will begin to frequent closer to summer. All of the things have been a big part of my social life for almost my entire adult life.

What do I do now?


If we were having coffee I would tell you that  I am completely obsessed with the movie The Witch. I wrote a review of it yesterday but the more I think about this film and the more I hear from the writer Robert Eggers the more I like it. It’s not just that it’s a good horror film but it has inspired a curiosity in me regarding the time period, it’s folklore, and how witches and womanhood related to each other. I’ll probably be trying to write something about all of that here soon.

Speaking of movies, I’m going to be attending another one of the Alamo Drafthouses awesome dinner events. This Tuesday I’ll be seeing the amazing Interview with a Vampire and dining on alligator-chicken gumbo, barbecue shrimp, crawfish, and bread pudding with bourbon cream sauce. Yum!


If we were having coffee I would tell you that this month marked my two-year blogging anniversary. I can’t say that when I got the notification from WordPress that I was super excited and proud of myself. I know that it is a pretty big deal, it shows that I can stick with something, work at it everyday-ish, and get better at it all the time. I have found people who think I’m actually doing a pretty good job here and who think what I have to say is maybe even a little interesting. That’s huge, and still, I wasn’t all that proud of myself.

I think it is because the future of this blog, and my writing in general, is a little murky. I don’t mean that I am going anywhere. I very much enjoy writing here and I love, love, love the WordPress community. It’s just that, I don’t feel very accomplished. I don’t feel like I am doing as well as others I follow and read. I have a bit of blog envy I suppose and it is making me want to find a way to stand out more. Except, I have no idea how to do that.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I as much as I hate to cut this visit short, I really have to get going. I have a bunch of cleaning to do and errands to run. I swear, Sundays shouldn’t even count as part of the weekend, all you do is spend the day preparing to go back to work on Monday. What kind of day off is that?

Anyway, I really hope you are doing well. Please, drop a note in the comments and let me know what you’ve been up to.

Thanks again for stopping by :)

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4 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee // 100 Days Smoke-Free and Two Years of Blogging”

  1. You have two things to be proud of. One hundred day smoke free and two years of blogging. I read all the coffee shares and comment on them. I usually get an answer this bring readers to my blog.
    Friend new friends among non smokers but keep you smoker friends.

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  2. 100 days is great! Make it 100 weeks, then 100 months, then… I know it’s not easy. I quite smoking when you were toddler and still occasionally have cravings. But the first three months were the hardest, and you’re past that.

    And congratulations on 2 years blogging!


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