Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Marianne Moore

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Marianne Moore”

    1. I was describing to my girlfriend the other day what it feels like when I’m about to sit down and seriously write, it feels like preparing for a long hard run. I need loud music to build my energy, I need to be able to get up and move and pace, I need to talk out loud and use my hands. Writing is a physical activity for me, it can be exhausting, and sometimes even painful and still, like you said, I would never give it up :)

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  1. Don’t sweat it. People that genuinely love to write never feel that they live up to their own standards. And that’s the one thing that identifies them as good (or potentially good) writers, ironically. By the way, as you appear to be serious about this craft, I welcome any thoughts you have about my essays on my WordPress blog – http://www.therapyviews.com


    1. I’m an learning that writers are the only ones who understand how hard writing actually is. My friends are always telling me to “just write a book and publish it” as if writing something that transports people to a world outside their own and into the skin of another person were so easy *sigh*


      1. Yes, writing is a demanding occupation. (Not to mention one that pays you little or nothing, lol!) But don’t be enamored of the opinions of those who have never actually devoted themselves to the life of the mind. They are spouting agendas foolishly, without understanding the nature of the reality that faces them.


  2. I don’t know if you felt the same while getting started on this piece, but this post really struck a chord. I often feel like my work is crap, and sometimes wonder just why I’m doing this.

    Weird thing is, after all that self doubt and loathing, I get back to it the very next day.


  3. I hope you were able to push past your blocks. It can be hard. I relate. Lack of time to write and pressure when I have a moment or two leaves me with no words more times than not lately.

    I loved learning more about Marianne Moore. I had no idea she was from the St. Louis area, until now, nor that her home is on display in Philly. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at Throwback Thursday. I hope to see you again in June. :)


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