If We Were Having Coffee // New Books and New Babies

Hello, hello, and happy Sunday dear readers! Thank you for stopping by for a chat and a cup of delicious brew. I’m already on my second cup of the day. I have been slowly switching over to tea in the mornings but Sundays are for coffee and always will be.

I feel a little tired today but the gorgeous weather we’ve been having is helping keep me happy and motivated. The sun is shining bright this morning and I’ve already got the windows open to feel the breeze through the house. Spring is definitely here.


If we were having  coffee I would tell you that the biggest thing that happened this past week was the Interview with a Vampire themed dinner I attended at my favorite theater ever, the Alamo Drafthouse. We had alligator chicken gumbo, BBQ shrimp, crawfish, and the best bread pudding I have ever had in my life.  The alligator and crawfish I didn’t care for but the shrimp were huge and smothered in a ridiculous amount of butter. YUM!

This theater is slowly turning me into a huge movie enthusiast. I mean everyone loves movies but I am adding so many to my favorites and rediscovering old ones with intense interest. Doing things like pairing the movie with foods and showing shorts and commercials that relate to the film beforehand, having staff speak to the audience and inviting guests, all these things add a whole other dimension that helps view the film as a piece of art rather than pure entertainment. Just bought tickets to Scott Pilgrim vs the World with a live band in a few weeks

And just this morning I bought tickets to Scott Pilgrim vs the World with a live band in a few weeks :)


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I finish To Kill a Mockingbird this week and I am still in awe of Ms. Harper Lee’s talent. I read the book in less than a week, I couldn’t put the damned thing down for anything I loved it so much! I seriously almost cried at least three times. This book has instantly become one of my favorites and I can already tell I will be rereading it again very soon. I had read the

I had read the reviews on Goodreads before I started it and was surprised to find that so many people hated it. I went into it thinking it was not going to be as good as I thought but I was honestly blown away!

After I finished it and took a minute to mourn it’s ending I picked up Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein after and since I am one of those readers that has to read the introductions and preface so I have a little ways to go before I get into the actual story.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that very soon I will be an auntie again. I may have mentioned it before but I can’t remember so forgive me if I have and pretend I haven’t. My baby brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first child and they announced yesterday that it will be a baby girl! I’m glad I didn’t place any bets, I was sure it was going to be a boy.

Whenever someone I know is expecting I start questioning my feelings about having children. I like kids and I very much enjoy being an aunt but I can’t help but wonder if I might enjoy having one or two of my own. Then again all the crying and body fluids do not sound like fun at all. All the parents I know seem exhausted and stressed. I like my quiet time and I just don’t know if I would make a good mom….We’ll continue that conversation in another post on another day.



If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had better get going. My girlfriend has decided to start spring cleaning without me and it’s making me feel bad, not to mention seeing her putting things in trash bags is making me a little nervous. Plus we are visiting family today and I have to start getting ready for that too.

I really hope you had a good week. Please, update me on your comings and goings and all you’ve been up to in the comments then go and enjoy what is left of the weekend. Monday will be here before we know it….*sigh*

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8 Replies to “If We Were Having Coffee // New Books and New Babies”

  1. Your theater sounds fabulous! I really wish we had something like that around here. I love the idea of making the movie more of an event, more like the work of art that film are. I’m a big “Mockingbird” fan too. My favorite chapter is at the end when she brings Boo into see her brother. Are you interested in reading “Go Tell a Watchman”? I’m still undecided.
    Enjoy your week and thanks for the coffee!


    1. It is! Me and my girlfriend have always loved going to the movies and these events make our date nights a little more special.

      I’m unsure about Go Set a Watchmen :/ I’ve heard it is only the reworked draft of To Kill a Mockingbird and there are rumors Lee may not have been fully aware of what was happening when she agreed to have it published. All that puts a bad taste in my mouth, plus TKaM seems perfect without it :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, that’s the same kind of thinking that’s been keeping me from reading it. I figure it was around for a long time, why would she decide all of a sudden to have it published? Did you like the movie version of TKMB?


  2. Wow, I also have read To kill a mockingbird, My friends didn’t gave me good review on that but i just gave a try and I thought this was a great book for tweens or teens. It really let you feel like you were the in the characters shoes. My only complainant was that the ending sort of just cut off. Overall I loved it and will check Harper lee new book too. Between I saw many Peoples leaving Coffee and shifting over Tea for healthier reasons I think but Lisa we can brew a healthy coffee too by using cinnamon, cocoa, home cremers, Just an ideas I know how hard to leave coffee. I wrote much about coffee, you can view my recent one here.


    1. I agree with you about To Kill a Mockingbird, it did end abruptly but I got the feeling that there wasn’t much more to tell. The town seems like it will go on the same as it has, changing gradually and always for the better. I’m undecided on the so-called sequel Go Set a Watchmen, I have not heard favorable reviews and many say it is only the reworked first draft to To Kill a Mockingbird :/


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