Writer’s Quote Wednesday // John Ashbery

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // John Ashbery”

    1. Right! Hell when I’m in the wrong mood trying to write seems to only compound it! But I’ll be worse off of I don’t do it anyway, sigh. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. What a perfect quote. I am tired this week. It has been so busy. I have two whole days set aside to write about my fairies. I really want to get this book done. Your quote gives me HOPE! LOL! Well done, Lisa. Have a great week! <3


    1. Thank you so much Colleen! I’m so glad to give you a bit of hope. Writing about fairies sounds fun :)

      I hope you don’t mind if I keep doing these posts the way I always have. I saw that you had changed things up a bit. Maybe I’ll give the new way a chance too but for now I kinda like it this way :)

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  2. Ashberry’s poem, Into the Dusk Charged Air (1) comes to mind. That is his poem that is quite simply a list of rivers, each described by one characteristic. It’s an admirably long list of rivers but the characteristics don’t necessarily tie together in unity or contrast. Ashberry presumes that the reader will perhaps imagine each river going “into the dusk”, there’s no other reference to time of day except for the title. I do like his descriptors but am dismayed at the lack of structure. If the rivers are indeed at dusk, why doesn’t the poem follow the sunset? It jumps back and forth and from continent to continent unlike any dusk ever. Dusk is local, not global. These trite criticisms are all to say that writing to write is a potent tool in our set of skills but to publish just because one wrote is quite another scenario. :)
    PS thanks for the great post. It’s made me thoughtful.
    1. http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/into-the-dusk-charged-air/


    1. Interesting! Yes writing whatever pops into your head is a good habit but I can see that not all of it is good enough, or even needs to be shared. Quality over quantity I suppose…I will be thinking on that one a little more, thank you :)

      P.S. And I am going to have to read that poem!

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  3. Very timely post. I just picked up my novel in progress after leaving it untouched for months. I’ve been writing poetry like a mad man, but the process of writing my story just takes so much out of me sometimes, you start to question if this is something if you like intrinsically, or if there’s some weird unhealthy motivation behind it. Sometimes it takes a lot to get 800 words. Last night I spit out 4000 and didn’t want to stop. The factors that influence how much you want to write can be so unpredictable that sometimes it feels easier to take a break, until a break turns to a quit. It’s always refreshing to see fellow procrastinators and tired writers. Confirms that you’re not crazy. Or at the very least, you are, and you have a family of crazies out there fighting the same good ol fight.


    1. Very timely indeed! It is very strange to have this drive to do something and yet, while doing it it can make you feel so crappy. After writing I always feel good. I get at least a few moments of feeling proud before the self doubt kicks in again lol

      Good luck to you on your novel!

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