My Big Blogging from A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal // 2016

28 thoughts on “My Big Blogging from A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal // 2016”

  1. It does sound like an interesting theme :) I’ve learned over the now 4 challenges I participated in that it is better to go short and sweet so to speak with the length of the post and keep it rather simple, otherwise one can get burnt out with it and not end up finishing. Good luck this year!



    1. Thanks for the tip. I learned my lesson about that for sure! I was devastated I couldn’t finish and I really don’t want to go through that again. So short and sweet it is :)


  2. Love your theme. :)
    I love flash fiction…and snippets of writing, like the vignette.

    You never know what you’re capable of until you try…so go for it!!
    I’m showcasing blogger books & book reviews…plus there will be loads of giveaways!
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!
    Writer In Transit


  3. I love this theme. I’m not quite brave enough to do fiction and toss it out there. But I’m looking forward to what you create!


    1. I am not sure that I am brave enough either :/ Fiction is new to me and I am not very good at it but I hope to be one day though and everybody has to start somewhere, right? :)

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      1. It’s definitely something I’ve been talking about with one of my other writer friends. We have to start somewhere and get comfortable with other people reading our writing! :)


        1. Exactly. I write fiction for myself, a little, but it’s all crap, and so I don’t share any of it, but how can I get better? The posts I have written so far for this challenge aren’t that good but it feels good to do it anyway and I am comforted by the inevitability of my improvement with practice :)

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  4. Best of luck, Lisa. I’m planning to write very short pieces of fiction for my theme this year. And as I normally like to write wth a twist, most of them will hopefully finish in a different place than where they started …


  5. Alright, I am seriously needing to get started with the planning. Your post is a reminder that it isn’t as simple as going through the alphabet. It should make sense or tie together somehow (theme?). I am sure you will do very well!!! I will be watching and reading your posts!


    1. I learned that the hard way last year and even this year I feel pretty far behind in my planning compared to some of the other more hard core participants. :/

      Good luck to you :)


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