The Week’s End // A Few of My Favorite Internet Things

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!


The Media Is Lying // My Friday Blog

There is only one progressive running in the two major parties. It is Bernie Sanders.

Just as there has been a fracturing in the Republican party, so has there been in the Democratic too. Sanders is the candidate many of us had been hoping for for a very long time, and Clinton is the same kind of candidate we have always had. Better than the GOP but not nearly good enough. I had hoped Sanders would be doing better by now but I am proud of how far he has come.


Insulting New Abortion Law Forces Women to Pay for Fetus Funerals // Broadly

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed one of the most vicious anti-abortion bills in the country into law.

This is just sickening. Because Conservatives cannot ban abortion outright they have decided instead to go about making the lives of women in tough situations tougher still. I feel for these women. I feel for all women living in primarily conservative states. They are not protected.


Indian widows colorfully break a 400-year-old taboo to celebrate the festival of Holi // Quartz

Orthodox Hinduism demands that women renounce earthly pleasures after the death of their husbands and live out their days in worship. These women often are ostracised by the society and considered cursed.

Beautiful images of women being joyful, even when their religion and communities tell them they shouldn’t. Bravo ladies!



Twitter May Have Just Doomed Humanity by Trolling an Artificial Intelligence Bot // Vice News

Some bright bulb at Microsoft Research had the clever idea of turning a machine learning program loose on Twitter yesterday to learn how humans interact with each other. Humans, predictably, interacted terribly.

I can’t help but find this story incredibly amusing. How could they not think the internet wasn’t going to find a way to corrupt this “teenage girl”. Haha!


Snailing Up the Mountain. // beyondtheflow

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!


I have always thought Haiku was a fascinating poetry form, so simple and so profound. I had never read this one before and like the author of the above post I do feel like it speaks directly to me. I always tell my girlfriend that some days (most days) I feel like I am swimming upstream, but maybe it is more like a sail climbing Mount Fuji?


Welcome to the Trap: Compton’s Finger-Licking Good Home Kitchen // Great Big Story

What do you get when you combine former gang members, professional culinary training, fresh ingredients and a dedication to their neighborhood?

I first heard of the Trap Kitchen in a Noisey video on the neighborhood Kendrick Lamar grew up in. A catering business being run out of one of South Central, LA. This is the type of thing that cleans up neighborhoods and gives people hope.


On Keeping a Diary, and Why I Write // Musings of a Mad Misanthrope

My diary is the keeper of secrets, like a close friend, or an extension of myself that I tell my darkest thoughts to.

I try to write in my little journal every day but I don’t always. I have noticed that when I do my mind seems to work in a different way from I am typing and I have to keep a separate notebook handy because ideas start to spring from nowhere while I write. Something about using your hands to write stimulates a part of your mind that a keyboard just can’t. Give it a try yourself.


3 reasons why you should show your work // Austin Kleon

A few weeks ago I gave my friend Chase Jarvis 3 reasons why all workers — not just “creatives”! — should be showing their work

I think everyone should check out Austin Kleon’s books, I know they have been a major inspiration for me. Blogging is one way of showing your work, I am also working on having some artwork to show. As soon as I do you all will be the firsts to know.


Fuck I Look Like! // Kai Davis

I think it’s my vernacular,
How I got half the consonants and twice the apostrophes
So my philosophy can’t be valid.

This is an old poem by Kai Davis but it is new to me. I saw it come down my Facebook feed and I have probably watched it 10 times since. I have been told my whole life that I “talk white” and it has always bothered me that it was said in a negative tone. I also hate the idea that if I didn’t I would be considered less intelligent. The way we talk is about culture and community, not about how smart we are or how much respect we deserve.

You can see some of Davis’ more recent performances on her website


To Anyone Who’s Ever Shamed a Teenager For Being ‘Attention Seeking’ // Let’s Queer Things Up!

In a society which does not openly discuss mental health, it should come as no surprise that a fourteen-year-old kid didn’t know what to do when he was suicidal.

When I was a teenager I did a lot of bad things that many people considered attention seeking or stupid. I have told many people since then that if one person and asked me what was wrong and what I needed it ight have changed everything. Instead people got frustrated and yelled and tried to pawn me off. Now I try to get other adults to rememeber what it was like for them as teenagers and what they needed more than anything and never got.


And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you think or feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments :)

P.S. Sorry I am so late posting this week’s round-up. Not feeling too good today so it took me longer than ususal. Hope you don’t mind :/


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