Spring is the time of plans and projects.

Good morning and happy Monday to you all. I hope yours started out on the right foot and you are already off and running toward your goals. Mondays are hard, so that might not be the case, but remember that you can always start again, at any moment you can call a do-over and get right back on track.

For me, this week I am choosing to focus on myself and my own work rather than my day job. I work for a school district that is on Spring break and that means I have the option to stay home. I could go in and work in the office or help out with training but I’ve decided to stay home and try to be productive here. I have a few projects coming up that require a little forethought and planning on my part. Something I am not very good at hence why I need the entire week to get it done.

Spring is the time of plans and projects.

// Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

My first project I need to work on is my Blogging A to Z Challenge posts. I have to begin posting this very Friday and I want to have a head start of 5 or 10 posts written. I have 3 right now and they are not any of the first letters of the alphabet. I have to buckle down from now until Thursday and get A thru E, or so, done.

My next project is to make some headway on putting together a zine. I have been gathering notes and inspiration for months and it’s time to start putting a few things down on paper, or rather, on index cards. I bought a pack of 180 and am using them to mix and match ideas and layout options.

And finally, I have to organize my “creativity room” and get myself some more room to “spread my mind out in” as Virginia Woolf once said. You would think this task would be first, it being the time for Spring cleaning and all, but organizing for me tends to be a form of procrastination so I have to do it very last after all other tasks are complete.

Since I have a day job and cannot yet focus all my time on my hobbies and side projects it is important that I take time here and there throughout the year to focus fully on my other goals so that one day I can focus all the time on them. I am not sure exactly what that might look like, or what path I will need to take to get there, but I’ll never find out without trying a few things.

So this week, take the time to do a little planning or to tackle a few projects that you have been wanting to complete. Springtime is the best time for starting over and it is a season of creativity, take advantage of it while you can.


8 Replies to “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

  1. Same here I need to find a balance between my day job, my family, and my hobbies that I would one day love to have as a day job. I have started working on some new projects of my own and have been using this last week and a half to find the right schedule to be able to get everything done in a timely mannor, but unlike you I can’t take a week off of work…jelous, jk hope you are able to get somethings checked off of that list.


    1. One thing I’ve learned about the whole balance thing is that you have to be flexible. I started out wanting to give an hour a day to side projects, sounds easy enough, but most days it is really hard to find that hour, and there are days when I just don’t feel like it too. I guess I mean that a schedule is good but make it adjustable and don’t give up if it doesn’t work more often than it does.

      P.S. A week off is nice but my next check won’t be :/

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