Currently // March 2016

Writing my Blogging A to Z Challenge posts. I have A thru F fleshed out and mostly ready to go as of this writing. I am so freaking nervous about this guys :/

Planning my summer goals. Yeah, I know I have a long way to go but after April i will need to really buckle down and do some real writing if I want to make any money off of these words.

Making an effort to draw more. I have been trying to do a few doodles from little drawing tutorials or photos I find on Pinterest. I’ve done three so far, and they kind of suck. You can see them on my Instagram if you’re interested.

Thinking about all the scary things I want to do in the future. Quitting my job? Starting my own business? Having kids??? Whaaaaaat?

Reading, or more like suffering through, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays by Albert Camus. It is a big change from all the fiction I’d been reading these past few months and it is taking some getting used to.

Watching The Family on ABC. It’s about the return of a politician’s son who had gone missing over a decade earlier. The kid returns traumatized and the man wrongly accused of his murder is released from prison and drama ensues. Plus,this kid might not be who he says he is.

Feeling like I have no idea what I am doing. Like being out in the ocean and trying to swim to land. I have no idea if I am going in the right direction or how far I need to swim. Hell, I could just be swimming in circles for all I know.

Needing everyone to stop making plans to leave! My sister and her husband are looking to head south to Texas with my niece and nephew, and my mom is planning on heading to Missouri with the rest of the family. Pretty soon I will be the only one left in Colorado and, well, that really sucks.

Loving my new clipfolio I picked up from Target to keep all my little writing notes in and these bank pouches I ordered from Amazon to hold all my sharpies, pens, and pencils.

Hating all this snow we have been having lately. I need warm temps, sunshine, and blue skies already!

Hoping everyone shows up for the birthday brunch in a couple of weeks. I want to get all the important women in my life together for bloody Mary’s, mimosas, and some damn good food, but I’ll be super disappointed if any of them can’t make it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


The inspiration for this post comes from Andrea at Create.Share.Love.

Featured image via Pexels


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