The Week’s End // A Few of My Favorite Internet Things


Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Every weekend I like to share with you the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!


Eight Stories About #HB2 and Its Ramifications on the Transgender Community // Longreads

I have tried to put together this reading list on the passage of House Bill 2 in North Carolina from a dozen different angles, and all I can come up with is this past week was awful on every conceivable level.

North Carolina’s House Bill 2 is pretty awful. It bars individuals from using the bathroom that aligns with the gender they identify with and instead forces them to use a bathroom for their assigned gender. It forces people into place the do not feel comfortable or particularly safe for no good reason. People really suck sometimes.


Why we should teach meditation in prison // The Orange Dot

Yoga and meditation are continuously proven among the most effective therapies for those living with complex residual trauma, and prisons are home to what may be the most concentrated population of individuals plagued by trauma.

Mediation has proven physical and mental health benefits and I can’t think of any group of people that could use those specific benefits more than the prison population. This is an idea we should all support.


Pickle // Trent Lewin

Anne wasn’t hit by a bus. She was standing still, staring at a painting she didn’t give a shit about, when her eyes glazed and she dropped her purse.

A sad story beautifully told. I hope to be able to write like this one day.


Choking to Death in Detroit // Newsweek

Just over a year ago, she moved into a little modular home on a quiet street in River Rouge, Michigan, a tiny city of 7,000 that kisses the southern edge of Detroit. Now she’s awakened in the morning, three days a week, at least, and sometimes seven, by an asthma attack. She gasps, desperately sipping the air but inhaling little or none. 

When you love someone with asthma you worry constantly about what is in the air. I don’t know what I would do if my girlfriend and I had to move to or lived in a place that made breathing even harder for her. I feel for these people.


You Need to Know Her Name // A Thomas Point of View

You need to know this woman’s name. Her name is Lisa and she is phenomenal.

Ok, this one is mine. I was picked to do an interview by Tikeetha of A Thomas Point of View. It was the first time I had done something like it and it really made me think. It was truly inspiring.


#PowerpuffYourself // Cartoon Network

Join the super squad!

Ok, I loved this show and I am super excited to hear they are bringing it back. Not only that by they blessed up with the ability for each of us to become a citizen of Townsville. What is particularly awesome about this is that it feels so inclusive. There is no picking a gender and all options are available at once. All the cool kids are doing it :)


Server’s Facebook Post Tells the Scary Truth About the Restaurant Business // GOOD

This. This is the reason I work so much. This is why I cry in the shower. I STRUGGLE to put clothes on my daughter’s back and food in our bellies because of THIS. You, are the lowest of the low.

In this world we are taught that a waiter or waitress must go way above and beyond to “earn their tip”, that is crap. These people work hard and often any complaint you have is either not their fault or you having too high expectations. Don’t be and asshole, tip well. Okay? Okay.


things we chase and things // y

we do not chase – wind up

I always love Y’s words but every once in awhile they remind me of other words too. This one reminded me of a thing I read once about not flirting being a kind of flirting. For the life of me, I can’t remember where I read it….


If we were having coffee… // The Daily Post

Get personal and make deep connections with other bloggers with the #weekendcoffeeshare community.

If you have been following me for awhile you know that if can’t post anything else during the week I make sure to post a chatty coffee post every Sunday no matter how late I have to write it. I do this because it feels like a way to really talk to you all. It feels the way blogging should feel. I encourage you all to join and check out all the other posts in the link-up too.


Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers // TED

“The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they’re the ones who try the most,” Grant says. “You need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones.”

Now this is inspiring! It is incredibly freeing to realize that there isn’t a whole lot that separates ordinary old you from the successful people. All we have to do is keep trying and we could have our chance too.


And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you think or feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments :)


2 Replies to “The Week’s End // A Few of My Favorite Internet Things”

  1. Lisa, I really enjoy reading your The Weeks End posts. Every time I read them, I feel like I find more interesting posts I’ve not discovered yet that sound very human in nature and that open me up to what’s going on in the world. So thank you for that! :)

    But to answer your question, I read a lot of the ones you’ve mentioned this week because of your post. I really enjoyed reading your interview and finding out why you’ve been doing the If We Were Having Coffee posts, which I also enjoy reading. Might actually take part in that myself because it definitely sounds like a good way to actively engage with my readers.

    But I hope you are doing well this April and have a nice day! :)


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