Let the Little Things Go

9 thoughts on “Let the Little Things Go”

  1. “For me, every little mistake is magnified. I go home and replay all the stupid things I said and all the mistakes I made and tell myself I failed.” I do the same exact thing! I loved this post, I am a happier person now because I just tell myself to keep moving forward and to look at the big picture.


  2. We are often our worst critics. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else can be. It’s nice to “check ourselves” and our mental mantras. I try to pay attention to what I say to myself. I often find myself being negative, so I try to stop what I say to myself. Sometimes, we do need to let go and go with the flow.


    1. I am realize that loving yourself and treating yourself well are daily battles. The only thing that has helped me is trying my best to talk to myself the way I would a friend who had made the same mistakes. That, along with a series of deep breaths, helps a lot, and it gets easier each time.


  3. Very well said.

    We often drool on the small stuff we ideally shouldn’t be worried about, and consequently fail to see the big picture, often big, amazing opportunities passing by.

    That was a wonderful reminder, Lisa! One always surely helps.


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