Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Kurt Vonnegut

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Kurt Vonnegut”

  1. Oh, Lisa! I love this quote. I feel it here lately too. You know I am finding that if I push myself too hard, the words just won’t come. It’s like if I make writing “work” I lose my mojo! LOL! I think everyone goes through this to some extent. Writing is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a craft and the only way you can get better is to practise and keep working at it. I really enjoyed your thoughts. Well done!!!! <3


    1. I am glad you like it! The fact that writing isn’t a get rich quick scheme is what draws me to it. When it comes to writing we all have the potential but we only get the reward when we work hard, usually anyway. :)

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  2. Oh wow, what a quote. And oddly accurate in its portrayal. Writing is such a labyrinth of an act and yet, when we find our way of the maze, the masterpieces that result from it…there are no words at the end :)


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