If We Were Having Coffee // So Much Has Changed This Year

10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // So Much Has Changed This Year”

  1. Your coffee was delicious. Please give me one more ;)
    Your post was interesting and really good to know about it.
    I really like your coffee.
    Thank you so much for your treat! :)


  2. Thanks for the coffee…I know what you mean about rainy weather being very unmotivating! Yesterday was snowy and rainy and zapped all my energy! Hope your week goes well. I started off well in the A to Z but decided this weekend to bow out. The stress and lack of ideas did me in. Maybe next year.


  3. Is that an I post in disguise? Or is that Sunday post doing double duty on Monday? :) here from the A-Z and enjoyed the coffee. Thanks much.

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016


  4. Thanks for the coffee. I needed it today! Don’t feel bad about not having posts done (or subject matter chosen) ahead of time. I am WINGING it for most of mine. I usually write the post the day before, but this morning I quickly jotted down my “I” post. :D You can DO IT!


  5. I thought the same thing before becoming a mother, but I have to tell you that the minute you hold your child in your arm you will know that this is what you were made of. You will never want to hurt them or make them feel as though they are unloved. It changes you to the very core of who you are. Think about it.


  6. I really enjoy these posts.. They make me crave an actual cup of coffee every time. It sounds like you’re at a fork in the road…can’t wait to see how the path twists and turns.


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